Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stephen Duckett Eating His Cookie!

  In what has become a recurring series of amazing public relations embarrassments for the Alberta government, I had to scratch my head over the latest gaff that occurred this weekend.  I know that public officials are human and have bad days, but the reaction in the video below by Alberta Health Services CEO, Stephen Duckett really takes the cake ( or cookie.....) in my opinion.

In case you have not seen the amazing video, which will likely be used in University PR classes for years to come, I have attached it below.

I lost track of how many times Mr. Duckett replies in a measly, high pitched voice "I'm eating my cookie".  If he did not want to give an interview at that moment, fine. He could have simply reminded the reporters immediately that there will be an opportunity to chat at the press conference he mentions near the end of this scrum.  Instead, he chooses to play cat and mouse with them in what turns out to be the funniest, most embarrassing video he has likely ever made.  Seriously, the man is paid over $600,000 to be the public face of the seriously ill Alberta Health Services corporation.  You would think that he would have a little more respect for his position and use some common sense.

I wonder if he was humming this old classic while avoiding the reporters?

The sad thing about this whole incident is that it reflects the cocky mentality of our provincial government and their organizations.  There never are any repercussions, so some feel they can say and do anything that they want.  Its even sadder that the public usually tends to forget about these crazy actions rather quickly.

I guess that's the the way the cookie crumbles in Alberta.

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