Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Charity Bowling Event Invitation! Politics, Charity And Bowling....

   I am excited to announce that we will be hosting another bowling charity event on August 26, 2013.  The last event was very successful and sold out fairly quickly!  We will be inviting local citizens, politicians, media personalities and candidates in the 2013 election to come out and enjoy a fun night of bowling for some great causes.  Where else will you be able to mix charity, bowling and politics in Calgary?

As board chair of Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids ( BB4CK) I am excited that this event will be held again.  The proceeds will go to BB4CK and also to The Calgary Foundation Flood Rebuilding and Recovery Fund.  During the recent flooding event, Calgarians have again proven that its citizens are among the most generous in the world.   This money raised from this event will help many people in our area and I hope that it will be a huge success.

About BB4CK:

 BB4CK works in partnership with the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Separate School District to combat increasing numbers of students attending Calgary schools without a lunch. BB4CK is delivering 1,500+ lunches each day to over 60 schools. 

  In addition to providing lunches from our main kitchen they are also supporting many community based initiatives.  These include churches, community centres, schools and individuals who want to take action and support the children in their communities.  Each program is unique and built to fit the community it serves.  BB4CK is supporting over 60 community based programs.

Since September 2012, they have provided over 232,000 lunches to needed school kids! 

How To Register?  ( Note: No Tickets Available At The Door...sorry.) 

  Ticket info and registration forms can be found here:  Invitation Form

Registrations can also be done online here....

How to Help?

If you would like to make a silent auction donation or volunteer at this event, please email me. ( calgaryrants ( at) gmail.com )

PS: No laughing at my "Twinkle Toes" bowling style.....

I hope to see everyone there! 

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Cranston Community Association Calgary Flood Fundraiser

  In an effort to help with the devastating flooding that occurred in Calgary last week, the Cranston Community Association held a Calgary Flood Fundraiser on June 29, 2013 at Century Hall in Cranston.  While we did not have much time to promote the event, the support from the community was amazing!  We were fortunate to have two of the most amazing food trucks in the city come out ( Perogy Boyz and Red Wagon Diner) to our community event and they were a big hit!

  We were able to raise over $1300 in two hours, which is amazing.  We had over close to 200 people stop by for lunch and to make cash donations to help Calgarians that were affected by the floods.  Their donations will go a long way to help and I was blown away by the generosity.

  Here are some pictures of the event....


These kids were making homemade cards for victims of the floods!

Our MP, The Honorable Jason Kenney stopped by to make a donation and show his support.  These two kids help their own fundraiser in the neighborhood and raised $100 on their own!  Way to go! 

Alderman Keating came by to donate and help also! 

Two of our board members loaded up on donations to deliver! 

  I want to send a huge thank you to our entire board for all  of the work they do.  In particular, I am amazed at how fast our board member Mark Brennan pulled this together!  We only had less than three days to make this work, so it really was amazing to see this come together.  We are also thankful to Lisa B, Michelle M. and local resident Janet for volunteering to make this event a success! 

 As president, I am humbled to work with such amazing people.  I truly believe that while the Cranston Community Association has only been around for a few short years, we have one of the best community association boards in Calgary.