Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson Pulls Diva Act

With the Alberta provincial election calls just days away, it sure seems that things are getting a bit testy in Edmonton!  I laughed so hard at the Edmonton Journal story about Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson's tussle with a female sherrif at the legislature yesterday.  In what can only be described as a severe "diva" moment, the Airdrie MLA intentionally parked in Premier Redford's assigned parking stall, only to have a fit when the sheriff demanded ID and asked him to move.

  In the story link above, you can see that Mr. Anderson feels that he is an important man and really is above reproach.  A civilized person would have apologized and simply moved the vehicle to his own assigned spot.  Perhaps he has been watching too many episodes of "Parking Wars" on A&E and thinks its OK to belittle Sheriffs who are assigned to provide security.

  I think that since he feels he is the de facto leader of the WRP that he is entitled to "test drive" the premiers spot and imagines he will in fact be the Premier one day.  Unfortunately, the thirty second park job is about as close as he will actually come to filling the Premier's shoes.

 It should be an interesting month! 

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Wildrose Party Campaign Tour Bus Tire Failure!

 Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words!  I was shocked this morning when I saw the picture of the Wildrose Party campaign bus making its way around Twitter.  At first, I figured that this had to be some kind of "frat boy" photoshop joke, but I guess not.  While I think its kind of silly to make light of the picture, you cannot help but laugh at the judgement of this picture placement.

 I truly believe that the Wildrose Party is so disciplined that to think this is some sort of "error" would be naive.  I don't think that it is out of the question to consider that this placement was intentional or that once the mistake was realized, they decided to run with it anyways, due to the shock value!  I would expect that something as important as your campaign bus branding would have to be vetted by some of the senior leaders in the party.

 Maybe its a generational thing, but I doubt that there would be the same innuendo talk if the wheel placement was beneath a male leaders image, which is disappointing. ( Well, I guess it would depend on the picture though.)

You really cant buy this type of media chatter.  Especially with an election call expected within the week.

I'd love to hear some of the captions that people would apply to this picture!     

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Happy Wildrose Tweets! ( And A Huge Surprise Endorsement!)

  With the Alberta provincial election call just around the corner, the tension on Twitter has never been greater.  I have noticed that the tone between tweeters of all political stripes has become overheated in the last few weeks.  I used to love to jump in and debate issues with some loud Wildrose supporters, but I am just drained from all of the negativity.  I am all for honest debate, but most of these conversations have just become super partisan pissing matches and to be honest, I just cant be bothered.  The tone has gotten so nasty that I have even seen non-political people turned off.

 While I have some good friends in the Wildrose Party and think that they have some (....some) valid ideas, one of the main reasons the party has turned me off is the negative tone from the majority of there supporters online.  I would never paint an entire group of people based on a few dozen high profile members, but unfortunately they tend to represent the views of the average party member in my opinion.

Since I tend to prefer lighthearted posts, I thought I would share some cool products that may help ease the anger of the Wildrose tweets!

The Oscar "I Love The WRP" Iphone Skin! 

Campaign Buttons!  ( Watch for them on the campaign trail!)

The "0.05 Hater Shot Glass" ( I predict that this will be a big seller the day after the election!)

Good Times! 


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