Monday, July 26, 2010

New Website Takes Aim At Craig Chandler.

  I love Twitter. It has the ability to allow people to reach out and share information so quickly, that there really is nothing quite like it.  I was really intrigued when I saw that a new twitter account called " Chandler's List" ( aka "Chandler Watcher") started following me, so I had to check it out.  I was quite alarmed when I saw what the site was actually about!

  The site, (  is basically a Chandler bashing brochure designed to highlight his affiliations and political involvements.  They even go as far as to publicly name ( with pictures) each of his supporters and past campaign candidates, which they call The Chandlerites!  There are even some people listed that are only there because Craig recently praised them in an interview with the Calgary Beacon.  While I am not sure who is behind the website ( it would probably be pretty easy to figure it out by the domain I assume?)  it would appear that a lot of the conversation has spilled over from recent Twitter/Facebook blowouts between Chandler and local citizens.  Check the site for details.

  While Craig and I have had a few "disagreements" over comments that I have made about his candidates, I could never imagine taking it this far.  In fact, I had the most wonderful comment sent to me that included Chandler's Image imprinted on a certain  piece of women's clothing, but I found it too offensive to publish.  Truth be told, that I am often worried about lawsuits that may be brought against me for content on this blog, especially from Anonymous posters.

 The people behind the  Chandler's List website are in fact using public information, so I cannot see any direct libel issues, but I would assume it may not sit well with those candidates whose names and image are being posted on the site.  I can almost hear a "Govern Yourself Accordingly" letter being typed as we speak.

 I would love to hear your thoughts...


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get Your Peter Demong Trucker Hats and Maternity T-Shirts...Going Fast!!

  I came across this site the other day and literally spit my coffee out from the laughter!  In what can only be described as another of Craig C's brilliant (?) campaign branding ideas, the Peter Demong for Ward 14 alderman team has linked up with to offer the average Calgarian a piece of the Peter Demong Campaign.  Personally, people have been stopping me on the street asking where they can get a Peter D really is all the rage!

  The website has an array of products with the Demong logo and slogan and these items would make a wonderful gift for that special someone on your list.  Christmas is still 5 months away, but I would get your order in today, as these items will not last! I even think that sales of these products may rival the excitement generated by the release of Tickle Me Elmo and the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.   My personal favorites include:

  The styling Peter Demong Trucker Hat!  ( Comes with a breathable vent backing!)

 The Peter Demong Maternity T-Shirt.... ( A Future Voter is a Future Voter I guess!)

  For a full list of products, head on over to and pick your propaganda up today!

Not to be outdone, I have decided to open up my own cafepress shop! It can be found at   I did not want the Demong team to have a monopoly on the ugliest shirt store in town!  And if anyone is silly enough to buy anything from the calgaryrants site, I will donate the profits to a local children's charity! 


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Monday, July 19, 2010

Interview with Calgary Ward 7 Alderman Candidate Kevin Taylor

This is a continuation of a series of interviews that I will post about local candidates that are running in the 2010 Calgary municipal election. I do not endorse any of the candidates necessarily, unless stated otherwise. The intent is to allow the candidates a forum in which they can share some of their views.

This interview is with Kevin Taylor, an local active community volunteer and business owner that will be running for Alderman in Ward 7 this term.

 1) What do you think is the biggest issue facing the voters of Ward 7 that is totally unique to that part of Calgary?

 Kevin:  I think the biggest issue facing the voters of Ward 7 that is totally unique to that part of Calgary is the dramatic diversity of issues within the Ward. Ward 7 stretches from The Calgary Drop In Centre in downtown East, all the way up into the suburbs of Dalhousie in the Northwest. Finding ways to handle such a range of needs requires one critical thing: Two-way communication between the Alderman and the communities within the Ward.That means attending community meetings, and listening to and responding to calls from residents to make sure their issues can be addressed. Ultimately, it is the voters themselves who know best what challenges are going on in their communities, and better communication is the way to utilize this knowledge.

2) It appears that in Calgary Municipal politics, the incumbent always seems to have a huge advantage with fundraising and volunteer support. Is this true in Ward 7 this year?

Kevin: Very true.

3) In your opinion, what is the biggest mistake that Druh Farrell has made as Alderman?

Kevin: Shane, I will not answer that one. I will let the voters decide at election time.

4) Every winter, Calgarians are always dismayed by the lack of snow removal service in this City. Do you have any ideas that would improve this essential service?

Kevin: Shane, we do not have snow removal. We have snow pushing in Calgary! When the budget shows you are over budget 17 of the last 20 years, as it is at city hall, there must be a flaw in the system. I support contract snow removal and proper snow removal. This is one item that the new council needs to address right away.

5) Can you share some of your volunteer history in Ward 7 and/or in the rest of Calgary? What groups have you been involved with in the past?

Kevin: I am on the Sport Chek Mother's Day Walk & Run Committee, I am a Calgary Stampede Volunteer, and a sponsor of The Make a Wish Foundation. I have taught disabled skiing, and I also support Jose Neto, the young Brazillian student who was blinded by a gang's stray bullet in September 2008 on a daily basis.

Not only am I involved in the volunteer community myself, but I also engage my staff to help out. For some of my younger staff, this is their first job working for me. They understand our corporate philosophy of giving back to the community and become involved right from the start.

Kevin's website can be found at http://www.http// 

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010 Calgary Southeast Garden Tour Fundraiser

 I had the opportunity to attend this event last summer and I will be volunteering again this year!  I had a blast at this event even though I do not have the slightest "green thumb", so I thought I would share it again this year with everyone.   I hope to see you there!

The Calgary South East

Conservative Association


Hon. Jason Kenney, MP

Are pleased to invite you to the

South Calgary Garden Tour

Sunday, July 18, 2010

11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Passports $20 per person

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon visiting eight of the best gardens in Calgary S.E./S.W. All of the gardens are award winning gardens and/or have been featured in gardening magazines. This is a self-guided tour and a unique opportunity to see how other gardeners have developed their space and to talk to those who share their passion for gardening. A map and list of homes will be provided with the passport. Buy your Passports now as only a limited quantity will be available.

Tickets may be purchased online at


Guest Services, Trico Centre

11150 Bonaventure DR SE (across from Southcentre Mall)

Monday – Thursday: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
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