Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The CalgaryPolitics.com Charity Bowling Event Was A Blast!

  Thanks again to everyone that supported the CalgaryPolitics.com Charity Bowling Event that we hosted last night! The event was completely sold out and we had over 150 people in attendance, including over 20 candidates in the upcoming Calgary Municipal Election!  

  Everyone seemed to have a great time and we raised $2800 for Brown Bagging For Calgary's Kids Society , which is pretty amazing!  This amount will supply nearly 2800 lunches for needy school kids in the Calgary area!

Some of the candidates in attendance were:

Richard Dur              Ernest McCrutcheon ( 2 Lanes)     Shane Keating ( 2 Lanes)  Jane Morgan

Al Bowne     Sean Chu         Ric Lockhart     Malik Amery    Kevin Taylor

Chris Harper       Roger Crowe      Gian-Carlo Carra       Shawn Kao ( the Get Kao Girls!)  

Zak Pashak        Andrew Rodych     Judi Vandenbrink    Josh Traptow    Rory Rotzoll

 Robert Guizzo

From the Mayoralty race, we had Craig Burrows and Paul Hughes in attendance.  Ric McIver had donated a lane sponsorship for the event, but was unable to attend.

 We also had some support from the business community, with Carma Developers, BiFrost Development, Canada Brokerlink Inc. and Principia Communications sponsoring the charity event!

And finally a big thanks to the media personalities that supported us, including CTV Calgary, Global Calgary, Metro Calgary ( Darren Krause) AMP Radio ( Buzz and Blake) FFWD Magazine ( Trevor Scott Howell)  Calgary Herald ( Jason Markusoff, Colette Derworiz and Kelly Doody!) and QR77's Mike Blanchard!

Here are some shots from the event...

Our very own... DJ Kelly ( with Darren Krause )
 And The Enlightened Savage himself....

Ward 1 Alderman candidate Chris Harper

    Ward 14 candidate Richard Dur with Ward 12  candidate, Al Browne

Ward 13 Candidate Andrew Rodych...


The Ward 14, Get Kao Girls! 

Ric Lockhart ( Ward 1)

  Ward 12 hopeful, Shane Keating!

Ward 11 Ernest McCutcheon
          Brown Bagging It Executive Director, Bob McInnis with yours truly!

 We had an anonymous donor make a really large donation to the event, on the condition that we would display this wicked sign.  ( No, it was not from DJ's family!)  Thanks again for your huge donation and for DJ Kelly for going along with the sign! 

             And some of the CalgaryPolitics.com Chaps! ( DJ, Joey O, Kirk and Jeremy Z and myself) 

What a blast!  I hope we can definitely do this type of event again!


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Coffee With Calgary Mayoral Candidate Barb Higgins

  I was shocked and surprised at the online response and reaction to a post that I did last week about Barb Higgins lack of social media use!  This post ( link here if you want to read it) turned out to be one of my most read links ever.  It really must be a testament to the candidates popularity or the demand that the public has to learn more about her political views.  Either way, I was really shocked when I saw that Ms. Higgins left a comment and a Tweet ( yes...a Tweet!) asking to go for coffee to chat about this post.

   After some buzz on twitter about this potential meeting, I set up a coffee with Barb on Saturday morning in my neighborhood.  I was not sure why someone of Barb's stature would take the time to meet with a nobody blogger, but I was impressed with her initiative.  Many candidates do not even read the Calgary political blogs ( at their peril....lol) and it is pretty rare to get a direct response from one of them, let alone a request to meet in person to discuss the blog post in question.  I joked with Barb on Saturday that my wife said I should text her to make sure everything is OK, in case Barb was setting me up for a good old fashioned beat down for the comments I made in my previous post, which she thought was hilarious!

  I must admit that in person Barb is quite easy to talk to and her looks are very deceiving.  She is known for her bubbly personality and is quite upbeat, but in my opinion she really is one tough lady!  Barb politely called me out on some of the comments on my post as she had a few issues with some of the things I had said, and wanted to make sure that she was able to tell me in person.  Barb understood after meeting me that I am not some negative cave dweller that just slanders people and is cranky 24/7!  I explained that most of my posts are sarcastic and that most of my regular readers ( all twelve of them, thank you....) do understand this.  She figured as much, but still thought it was important that she set the record straight on some of the things in my post.

  Barb really took issue with the fact that I hinted that she belongs to the "Mount Royal/Rideau Park" Elite, ( which in all truth, I was sarcastically referring to the area where most of her financial backers are rumoured to live.) Barb confirmed that she in fact lives in the Beltline and comes from a modest, middle class background.  She humbly made sure that I understood that any success she has had was gained through hard work and the support of her friends, family and co-workers over the years.  We even joked about her car when we left, as I complimented her on her Convertible, which she jokingly made sure I knew was a used model that is over 8 years old.  I do believe that Barb is quite humble so I can understand why she was frustrated with my "Elite" comments.

  Barb also confirmed that her Twitter use is in fact a work in progress.  She explained that once she quit her job at CTV, a post she held for over 20 years, she needed some time to get organized after jumping head first into the campaign.  She said that she wants to "do it right" and has been easing into the social media minefield, which really is a new medium for her.  I can respect that as you want to ensure that you learn to use Twitter properly to its full potential.  Again, I explained that the "great communicator" blurbs were aimed at sarcasm. 

 She confirmed again that she will be releasing all of her platform and ideas after Labour Day, which she really is sticking to.  After this date, she anticipates a more interactive Twitter account ( although she is now following 43 people on Twitter, up from just 2 last week.) which is good news for Calgarians that want to learn about her ideas.  I was impressed that Barb also asked me about my personal views on certain issues and she explained some of her vision and she seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. I am hoping to set up a video interview with her next month to chat more.

  I am glad that I survived the coffee with my legs intact and that based on Barb's follow up tweet, she realized that I am "not a cranky pants in person"!   

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Barb Higgings For Mayor? Communications Failure! ( aka...Tea Over Twitter)

 Ever since TV Anchor Barb Higgins entered the race for mayor I have lost track of how many times I have heard people say, " She is a great communicator"!  While I am sure she was very popular with many Calgarian's for her skills as a news presenter, I am not sure that being able to read a teleprompter and change the pitch of your voice when instructed qualifies anyone as a "great communicator"?  I was having a brief discussion on Twitter last night about Ms. Higgins lack of actual communication, at least on Twitter, and thought I would share my thoughts.

 Twitter is a pretty unique communications medium.  It allows you the ability to interact with other people on a real time basis, on pretty much any topic you can imagine.  Some candidates in the upcoming Calgary Municipal Election use Twitter quite well, often engaging potential voters in policy discussions and debate.  Other candidates feel that they should use Twitter as a 140 Character Press Release, letting everyone know where they will be and what they had for dinner.  Barb Higgins, the "great communicator" falls into the latter category.  Here is a sample of her Twitter page...

 As you can see, the "great communicator" only follows two people on twitter, yet of the 692 people following her, she does not see the need to interact with them.  It looks like Barb has taken the SOCIAL, out of SOCIAL MEDIA!!

 I am not sure why the "great communicator" does not want to interact with Calgarian's on Twitter, but perhaps some of the following ideas apply?

  • Barb does not want to waste time talking with the "dirty, common Twittering Calgarian's". Unless we belong to the Mount Royal/Rideau Park Elite, of course?  Tea over Twitter? 

  • Barb still has not got a grasp on the issues facing Calgarian's and what is really going in this city once you leave Signal Hill.  ( Is that City Hall?  I recognize it from the teleprompter view....)

  • Barb is not sure of what to do, as there is no Teleprompter app for Twitter. 

  • Barb's handlers do not want her to discuss any issues with the public at all and hope to ride her good name recognition into the election night sunset.  ( Barb? I know her...no, no, not from Twitter. From the TV!)

  • After repeating that she has both "Respect for Money" and "A Social Heart", there are too many characters left in the 140 maximum for her to complete a tweet on twitter.  What to say....what to say?

  • Rod Love told her... "Ralph Didn't need no stinking internets....we didn't even have an internets back in 1980.  We had an old motor home and dimes for the payphone. "
 And it is not a generational issue either.  Paul Hughes and Ric McIver are over the 25-44 age range, and seem to understand twitter and use it well.  Not as well as some of the younger candidates, (Nenshi is a pro at Twitter) but I give the older candidates kudos for trying! 

With two followers ( one being Calgarydemocracy.ca, which is an excellent site headed by fellow CalgaryPolitics.com blogger Grant Nuefeld) and no interaction with the Calgary voters, I give Barb "the great communicator" a failing grade.

** Update**  Here is a link to my post about my follow up coffee with Barb Higgins... http://www.calgaryrants.com/2010/08/coffee-with-calgary-mayoral-candidate.html

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Interview with Calgary 2010 Ward 12 Alderman Candidate Al Browne

This is a continuation of a series of interviews that I will post about local candidates that are running in the 2010 Calgary municipal election. I do not endorse any of the candidates necessarily, unless stated otherwise. The intent is to allow the candidates a forum in which they can share some of their views.

This interview is with Al Browne, who will be running for Alderman in Ward 12 this term.  I decided to shake it up a little and do a video interview! 

I had the opportunity to do this interview with Al this week and talk to him about some of his views.  I sit on a local board with Al, but have not had the opportunity to get to know him well.  Looking at his resume/CV, I was amazed at the depth of his community volunteer work and business background.  Al's philthanthropy is legendary and I am impressed when business people give back to their communities. 

 Taking a look at Al's website, http://www.albrowne.ca/, I noticed he received a glowing endorsement from Calgary SE MP, The Honourable Jason Kenney!  This endorsement is pretty powerful as it is usually rare for a candidate to received such a high profile supporter. 

Here is a short video interview: ( Sorry for the two videos...YouTube has a maximum 10 Minute length!) 

And Part 2....

I got a real chuckle out of the fact that Al is actually door knocking on crutches, when some candidates in this election have yet to hit the doors!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brett Wilson Would Love To Be Mayor of Calgary! Hmmmm....

Brett Wilson would  love to be mayor of Calgary.... he's just to busy this fall to run for the top job!

Check out Brett's twitter response to a recent article in the Calgary Metro by Mike Morrision!

 Interesting.  I recall last year that there was some talk on Twitter about people encouraging Mr. Wilson to run for the leadership of the PC Party of Alberta should it ever come available.  It would appear that there are many people in Calgary that think Brett would make an excellent leader and these rumours really should not surprise anyone.  Brett is a very successful businessman, renowned philanthropist and kind hearted TV star.  ( Kind of sounds like Barb Higgins, without the Business background.) These factors alone would probably put Brett as a front runner if he were to run for Mayor of Calgary.

 Unfortunately, Brett confirmed he is just to busy this fall to run!  Good thing for Barb though, as they would likely split the uninformed/casual vote amongst themselves.  All kidding aside, I think Brett could make a good mayor based on his business and charity background.  I am not sure what his political beliefs are but he just may have the ability to spread over the political spectrum and reach out to many different voters in this city.  Brett's name on the ballot would be a serious "game changer" for any of the other candidates. 

Personally, I am curious to see who the candidates are that Brett will be endorsing. I wonder if this would have anything to do with his decision to not run in 2010? 

There have been rumours that there is yet another "Big Name" candidate waiting in the wings to run for Mayor in October, but it looks like Brett is not one of them.


Oh...It looks like Brett has the support of Jon Lord and Alnoor Kassam who are both apparently running for Mayor.  Its nice to see candidates endorse others for the job they are after! 


  According to Alnoor, Brett=Mayor=Excellent! 

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Interview with Calgary 2010 Ward 12 Alderman Candidate Shane Keating

This is a continuation of a series of interviews that I will post about local candidates that are running in the 2010 Calgary municipal election. I do not endorse any of the candidates necessarily, unless stated otherwise. The intent is to allow the candidates a forum in which they can share some of their views.

This interview is with Shane Keating,  who will be running for Alderman in Ward 12 this term.

1) I am a resident of Ward 12 and a potential voter. What do you think is the biggest issue facing the voters of this ward?
SK: With the change in Ward 12 boundaries during this election and the removal of five communities from Ward 12 (Willow Park, Maple Ridge, Haysboro, Acacia, and Riverbend), a clearer sense of the biggest issue facing the voters is the inability to remain current with city infrastructure. The lack of infrastructure can be divided into three main components.
First and most noticeable deficit is in transportation. Simply increasing the width and number of lanes does not alleviate the congestion that riddles the city's roadways, it merely delays the crisis while Calgary grows and again becomes too large for the existing traffic.

Council must rethink traffic patterns to allow for flow in both directions not just to the city's core and consider a less centralized approach to how businesses are situated in the city. Quarry Park is a perfect example of this concept.

Quarry Park is a good mix of business and residential where residents are able to live close to their employment without affecting the "suburban lifestyle" that the community appreciates. Quarry Park is nestled between Riverbend and Douglas Glen, as well as close to many different communities, and offers employment for (an estimated) 2000 individuals. Many of these people who were required to drive to work now have the privilege of walking, biking or taking a short ride on transit. Part of the deficit in transportation is the Southeast LRT which must proceed as soon as possible.
The number of employees from Ward 12 who live and work in other areas of the city need easy access to transit, not a long bus routes with multiple transfers.

Calgary must be fiscally responsible in their budgeting, not just for the three years before the next election but in the long term. The interest paid on monies borrowed to complete the Southeast LRT leg is far less than the increase in costs to build it later, plus the added benefit of the users over the next few years instead of waiting. It has been stated that now is the perfect time to build such an expensive project, the economy is low therefore builders are readily available. Quality companies are able to build at a reasonable amount rather than when the economy is booming and all costs are a premium.
The second deficit that I see in Ward 12 is a lack of recreational facilities in the Southeast. As a member at large of SECRS (South East Calgary Recreation Society) whose goal is to develop the Southeast Regional Recreation Strategy and advise the City of Calgary on how to spend $80 million on recreation facilities, there is a significant need to look at the Southeast as a whole to develop recreational facilities and to do this ASAP.

Finally the third deficit is within our school system. The drastic number of students being bussed (in some cases great distance) is appalling. Although education is funded by the provincial government and governed by local school boards, the city council must take an active role in securing the desperately needed schools in Ward 12. As a school principal I have worked with all levels of government within the education realm and my background would be a great benefit in this area.

2) Many people feel that there is a lot of dysfunction with the current council. If elected what would you do to rectify this?

An Alderman's job is to support the ward in my case Ward 12, but not at a detriment to the rest of Calgary. An Alderman should not worry about being re-elected the day after they are voted in. The present council may have forgotten that working for the complete city does, in fact, support their ward.
It almost appears that that often some members of council find themselves with a single minded focus of trying to leave their mark, for example with the "Peace Bridge", rather than leave their legacy.
I also think that many aldermen have not stayed current after many years in office. Dysfunction may have simply become protectionism (only looking after their own ward), enabling the concept of teamwork to disappear.
Let us not forget the role the City administration has played in the last number of years. A feeling of entitlement seems to have crept into the many aspects of City Hall as described by one senior manager "we're not here to solve problems but managed the corporate entity of Calgary." Once we ignore the "big picture" and focus only on one aspect of our organization all other components suffer. The city of Calgary is not a private entity that has only one focus, Calgary is a corporation as well as a corporate citizen with specific managerial objectives. Public organizations are here to serve as well as manage. The city of Calgary must become a great corporation as well as a great problem solver for the benefit of all the residents.
I wish I had a simple answer to this question. During my career in education working as a team player became my goal. I believe I have developed many skills in organizational management. I would, and have, expressed views, opinions, and strategies to make individuals focus on all sides of any issue, not just the easiest way out.
The new council must be creative and not single minded. It can not simply not accept the status quo and must be willing to do what is in the best interests for all the residents of Calgary and not just what is best for the Corporation of the City of Calgary or what is best for their own interests as Alderman. We must understand that this election we will have a new Mayor and a significant number of new Alderman, therefore, change is going to happen. It will be upon us the new elected Alderman to set the tone for a new atmosphere of teamwork and a service oriented city.

3) Tell me why you would make a better Alderman than your opponents? What candidate will be the hardest to beat in Ward 12?

Convincing a voter that I am more qualified than another candidate has never been my 'cup of tea'. I believe that by comparing the differences, the ideals and the platforms of all candidates, voters will discover that I am their best choice as their Alderman, and will do as I promise.

Since I was a teenager I have given back to the community in many ways, starting with my desire to work with some of the physically challenged members of my community, volunteering during community cleanups and holding the position of President of a youth club while I attended high school. My dedication to the community and helping others in need has not altered during my adult years and has remained just as strong as of today. I am currently a member of five different community committees and founder of a national non-profit society.

As a school Principal I have dealt with bureaucracy and all levels of government. Success while working with a large organizations and individuals who have their own agenda can be a tiresome task. Honesty and integrity must always play a part in an Alderman's character, but you must also be confident in your decisions. Asking the right questions of city administration is something I am not shy in doing. For example the first question regarding the Peace Bridge is "do we need it", and not questions which deter the simple fact of necessity and fiscal responsibility.

Looking beyond issues and digging deeper is a talent I have while keeping everything into perspective. An individual once told me that "the job of Alderman should not be the best job you've ever had" with respect to pay and benefits and prestige. The "job" can then become more important than the job that you were elected to do. I believe that it would be my privilege to be your Alderman not your privilege to have me as your Alderman.
My experience has led me to deal with city bureaucrats, provincial levels of government, municipal levels of government and the public in general all with great success. I am confident that the talents and skills I have gained over 31 years as an educator are well suited to leading Calgary into a service harmonious oriented city council.

4) In your opinion what is a biggest mistake that Alderman McIver has made the as Ward 12 Alderman?
Alderman McIver was an excellent representative for Ward 12 and the city of Calgary. He has shown his supporters the path and we need to continue and improve on his leadership. If I was to offer constructive criticism it would be to contradict the "Mr No" label that others have placed on him. A focused and well understood policy does not allow for the opposition to pigeonhole an Alderman. Alderman McIver has supported issues (when they were worth supporting) but may not have received the recognition for doing so. The city of Calgary must be fiscally responsible all the while supporting areas that require need.

5)  Did the decision in Ward 12 Alderman McIver to run for Mayor have any impact on your decision to run in the selection? Would you have run against Ric McIver if he was still on the ballot?
In all honesty yes of course it did. My entrance into politics was not because I had any issues with Ric McIver. As far back as two years ago I suggested to Ric that he should run for Mayor and that I would then run in his position. At that time my Community Association was having great difficulty working with the City of Calgary. I am running for your Alderman as I saw then, as I clearly see now, the need for policies, procedures and methods within the City of Calgary and City Hall to be changed.
I would have only ran against Ric if I had issues with how he was representing me as a resident of Ward 12, I had no issues with Ric.

6)  With no incumbent in the riding, are you finding it easy to fund raise and find volunteers? Is every candidate on a level playing field?
This question is yes and no. With no incumbent all supporters are forced to find a new candidate. I have been very fortunate in finding some individuals who believe I am the right candidate, therefore, I am not on a shoestring budget. Yet my campaign is not fluid with donations as I believe many supporters are not making up their minds until later in the campaign before deciding on financial contributions.
I'm extremely fortunate to have assembled a core of excellent members of my campaign team. I am very grateful that after all the volunteer hours I have donated over the last 40 years, my view of a better Calgary is the focus of others who are volunteering their time.
It is both humbling and greatly appreciated for others residents Ward 12 who believe I am the right candidate for their Alderman. I must thank the following individuals as they are my support, think tank, motivation, management, and conscience. Thank you to Merviana, Kate, Larry, Tammy, Jason P, Marilyn, Succan, Kelly, Richard, and Jason L (in order of signing on). It is through great volunteers that great goals are achieved.

The task is also great and there is a need for many more volunteers to have a successful campaign. Many talented hands and minds are needed to distribute and manage lawn and window signs, to visit each resident within Ward 12, volunteer at upcoming events and a host of other invaluable ways to help. Please consider helping me to help make Calgary an even better place to live, work, learn and raise a family in any way possible. Visit my website and sign up as a volunteer, make a donation to the campaign, and to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and on my blog site.
Thank you
Shane Keating
Aspiring to be your Alderman in Ward 12


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CalgaryPolitics.com Presents: Charity Bowling Event for Brown Bagging It For Calgary's Kids Society!

Charity Bowling Event!

 Many of you know that I am a regular volunteer and a huge supporter of Brown Bagging it for Calgary's Kids Society ( BB4CK). The gents over at calgarypolitics.com and I have decided to organize a Charity Bowling Event to help raise awareness and some money for this amazing group!  With the 2010 Calgary Election less than two months away, we thought it would be fun to mix Bowling and Politics for a good cause!

Join in as local Bloggers, Media and Candidates for the 2010 Calgary Municipal Election help to "Strike Out" Hunger  This fun event will take place on Monday August 30, 2010 at 6:30-9pm.  The response so far has been amazing and tickets/lanes are selling quickly, with many candidates already booking lanes! 

All proceeds will go to support BB4CK!   Brown Bagging It For Calgary's Kids Society is a local organization that provides nutritious lunches to almost 1600 needy children a day!  Their website is http://www.makeityourproblem.ca/

 I have attached a copy of the invitation and registration form!  We hope to see you there!


Invitation Form Link is Here

Registration Form is Here

Facebook Page

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interview With Calgary 2010 Ward 1 Alderman Candidate Ric Lockhart

This is a continuation of a series of interviews that I will post about local candidates that are running in the 2010 Calgary municipal election. I do not endorse any of the candidates necessarily, unless stated otherwise. The intent is to allow the candidates a forum in which they can share some of their views.

This interview is with Ric Lockhart, who will be running for Alderman in Ward 1 this term.

Question #1: What do you think is the biggest issue facing the voters of Ward 1 that is totally unique to that part of Calgary?

RL: As an aldermanic candidate, trying to identify a "single biggest issue" among 90,000 people in 11 distinct communities, composed of every age, race and religion, would be as daunting as trying to attain world peace. I think you might have better luck with world peace.

  The beauty of Ward 1 is its diversity. Some of its neighbourhoods are established and some are very new, some are bustling and some quiet. The ward also includes business and residential sectors, each with its own agenda and concerns. There is just about something for everyone, including issues. We did, however, find a somewhat common theme that would apply to many of our communities. It's not exciting or contentious, or even unique. It's a life style, recreationally based concern. In many cases the older and established communities are looking for reliable sources of income to sustain and improve their facilities and programs, so people don't have to leave their community in order to stay active. Tied tightly to this issue is the much-needed Northwest Recreation Centre. When will it be built? Furthermore, where is it going to go? We need this facility yesterday, for people of all generations.

Question #2: The incumbent, Dale Hodges, has been the Alderman since 1983. What will it take to beat him this year?

RL: The constituents in Ward 1 need to know and trust the winning candidate. They have to be assured the person that gets their vote will work for the people, not merely themselves. To put it simply, the only way to win this race is to meet the people, one by one, face to face. People in this area are not looking for lofty goals of progress and change. The majority of people I've talked with like the steady pace of progress they've enjoyed for many years and want their alderman to take a common-sense approach to maintain and enrich our strong communities.

It's going to take a ton of work to get the job done, and I’m willing to make the effort. I can offer the “fresh start” people are looking for.

Question #3: Can you share some of your past community/volunteer work over the past few years?

RL: For many years I’ve canvassed for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Foundation. I ran to raise money for Prostate Cancer Canada, worked to raise funds for the BCA (Bowness Community Association), and helped with Tuscany’s soccer field maintenance/development. I’ve also devoted a ton of time to the Bow River Minor Hockey Association. One charity I would walk over broken glass to help is The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. They do incredible things for families all over Alberta.

I also love working Stampede breakfasts, and I have for many years -- just ask the residents of Varsity (Market Mall), Scenic Acres, Bowness, and Tuscany. This year I brought a special guest to the Tuscany breakfast, my horse Leah.

Question #4 : In your opinion, what is the biggest mistake that Dale Hodges has made as Alderman?

RL: Alderman Hodges has been a solid steward to Ward 1; he has served for almost 30 years. Some may say he has made mistakes, but I am not inclined to criticize. The basis of my candidacy is not to say Dale Hodges has done a poor job, it's simply to say, "Pass the torch; I've got the energy, endurance and work ethic to take care of the of the folks in Ward 1, and to make a difference.’

I think it's time for a new ambassador and I know I won't disappoint.

Question #5: While the election is just under three months away, do you feel you are at a disadvantage by coming into the race at this time? Do you think it will be difficult to find volunteers and to fundraise?

RL: A disadvantage? I grew up here! I guess you could say I've been knocking on doors for 30 years due to my constant exposure to the public in my present career, involvement in minor sports and volunteerism. I have a great network of people who can attest to my character and ethics. If someone in this ward doesn’t know me personally, there's a good possibility they know someone who does. I've managed to meet and get to know many of people in this big city; the six degrees of separation is often reduced to three degrees when you've grown up here. Every day, my team and supporters are growing, as more people find out I'm running. The energy and enthusiasm is pleasantly overwhelming. It's very humbling to know so many people believe in you. Although I haven’t formally announced, please know I've been doing my homework. I’ve attended many city council meetings, been out there talking with businesses and community leaders for months. Is this going to be the race to watch? You bet!

For more information on Ric, you can visit his website at http://www.riclockhart.com/


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