Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Has MLA Raj Sherman Jumped The Shark This Time?

  As I read my copy of the Calgary Herald this morning, I sat in shock and disbelief at the story outlining independent MLA Raj Sherman's accusations about a full scale government cover up regarding patient deaths in Alberta hospitals. 

According to Mr. Sherman, he alleged that he has received information that the province has paid millions of dollars to Alberta doctors in an attempt to cover up cancer patient deaths.  He goes so far as to claim that the government actually has two sets of accounting books, one that is public and a separate one containing the payout information to local doctors.  This story seems absolutely outrageous, as I find it hard to believe that a full fledged mafia style conspiracy of this magnitude could possible be kept quiet for so long.  The possibility that hundreds of doctors and medical professionals could possibly take "hush money" to cover up medial information is mind boggling. 

 I would love to see what concrete proof Mr. Sherman has on this matter and if he will actually bring it forward to share with Albertans. I find it highly unprofessional to make these kind of allegations without proof, especially while hiding behind a thin veil of MLA privilege.  This smacks of a weak attempt to stay in the media spotlight he appears to crave lately and it really is a classic case of  "Jumping the Shark", and I find it highly offensive.

 I actually felt sorry for this man in the fall when it appeared that the PC government was attacking his mental state and credibility.  After this latest episode, I think that I will reserve final judgement pending what Mr. Sherman brings forward as solid proof of his accusations.  Seeing as he did not share this with the media at the time, I doubt that he has any.

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  1. interesting.... i hope this isn't true...and will watch for more info. thx for sharing


  2. Allegations of this type should not come out of the mouths of MLAs until and unless there is a parallel release of specific verifying information to the appropriate legal authorities.

    It raises the question of ethics, legality and morality. If the evidence is there, those questions are of the medical profession, the health boards and the government departments. The system as we have known it and those who practice within it would implode as confidence would evaporate. If, however, the evidence does NOT exist, then the question is of Dr. Sherman himself.

  3. Kind of gives you that Dar Heatherington-feeling to the story, doesn't it?

    Hard to see why the government would pay millions to cover up the fact that they were shorting the health care system by millions.

  4. This is nuts! This man is MLA and he is making these allegations. Either way it doesn’t score points for our provincial government. This guy is either making false allegations or the government is more corrupt then people are aware. This doesn’t help me feel very secure about our countries leaders.

  5. Hey! Sherman was proven correct. there were 7 or so dotors paid out. I heard one Dr. Ciaran Manamee was paid 1.2 million.