Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rob Anderson's Bill 36 Youtube Video Fiasco

 Sometimes things I see on Twitter really make laugh, sometimes they make me shake my head in disbelief.  I caught wind of the Youtube video below following Twitter exchange yesterday between Airdrie-Chestermere MLA, Rob Anderson and political strategist Stephen Carter.  In this 2009 video, Mr. Anderson repeatedly praises the beauty of Bill 36- The Alberta Land Stewardship Act. This would probably not be such a big deal, except for the small fact that he has been one of the most vocal critics of this legislation since his departure to the WAP. 

 The fact that Mr.Anderson is always so quick to blast his former colleagues ( see his latest letter to the Calgary Herald here...) while deflecting any responsibility for his past beliefs and actions is quite humorous.  Sure, we can change our minds now and then, but given that he was such a cheerleader for this bill in the video makes it really quite funny to watch!

Not sure how he explains this one to landowners in Alberta?  ( And I doubt the PC Caucus was hiding off camera, forcing him to make the speech against his will!) 


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  1. He sounds kinda like Ted Morton and Alison Redford. At least Anderson changed teams.

  2. When Morton loses, will he join the WAP? If he wins, will the WAP fold? Neither Morton nor D. Smith are honest with Albertans on this at this point in time. Alberta needs neither of them.

  3. It's quite rich to see Rob Anderson attack Ted Morton and other PC leadership candidates.

    Now that Anderson is in the Wildrose Alliance he's fighting against Bill 36 with the same passion that he argued for it back in 2009. His flip-flopping on this issue is worthy of a trapeze artist and is what makes people cynical of politicians.

    Rob Anderson also has a terrible record on free speech, a value that conservative Albertans hold dear.

    In 2009 Rob Anderson proposed a bill that banned anyone but political parties from advertising their point a view effectively during an election campaign.

    This bill would stop individuals, think-tanks, businesses or unions from being able to contribute meaningfully during an election. His bill was anti-freedom, undemocratic, and an attack on liberty.

    At chair of the National Citizens Coalition in the 1990s future Prime Minister Stephen Harper led the fight against this exact type of legislation that Rob Anderson championed.

    My guess is that when Rob Anderson proposed this he didn't care that it was an attack on our freedom but that he just wanted to get back at the unions that beat up his former best friend Ed Stelmach with their "no plan" ads in the 2008 election.

    It's clear that Rob Anderson isn't in politics for Albertans - he's just in it for himself. Shame.

  4. This same video has been posted on Facebook quite some time ago, no doubt by PC's trying to create a smear campaign against Rob Anderson, which is low and dirty politics. Rob Anderson represents the people that elected him, and if they change their minds, or don't like his stance on an issue, he has an obligation to do so too! That's the whole point of being accountable to the people. Something the PC government has forgotten.

    The Wildrose can run a clean campaign because the PC's themselves have shown Albertans where they stand. Albertans have watched Ed Stelmach and his cabinet blame everyone else but themselves for their mistakes. They have seen the current leadership candidates step away from their own accountability to the current problems and issues in education, healthcare, oil and gas royalties, seniors issues etc. Where's the you tube video footage for that?

    Stephen Carter is not just a political strategist he is also Alison Redford's campaign manager for the PC leadership.

  5. It's hardly a "smear campaign" to simply display the complete duplicity Anderson shows. The Wildrose is the king of dirty, reactionary, ideological, and extremist politics - but when someone shows them for what they are they call foul. Ridiculous!

  6. Don't beleive anything this Rob Anderson guy says - he likes to scratch his balls in public!