Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goodbye Old Friend....RIP Jason Hatton

  I know that I am usually ranting on here about civic or political issues, but I got some bad news yesterday that really shook me for a loop.  I was devastated to hear that an old friend of mine had passed away on the weekend after losing a battle with alcoholism at the age of 34. 

 I first met Jason in grade 9 at Woodman Jr. High in 1992 and I remember it like it was yesterday.  Jason had recently moved from Toronto and was instantly became a good friend.  He had a quiet charisma back then and I recall everyone being drawn to his personality.  We were pretty close for the next 10 years, literally talking or hanging out every day. Sadly as my life circumstances changed, we grew apart. 

  Jason always had a quirky personality and you either "got him" or you didn't.  We shared the same interests and had hours of laughs doing our favorite SCTV bits.  I had the good fortune to reconnect with him over the past few months on facebook & chatted a bit on the phone, and we picked right up where we left off....laughing about the old Woodbine days. 

  Sadly, Jason's could not shake his inner deamons and alcohol eventually took his life.  I know he had fallen on some really hard times over the past few years, but Jason was always keen at keeping his emotions to himself.  While I know that his family supported him and did everything that they could for him, I cant help help but feel sorry for this man.  I know its likely a classic case of "survivor's guilt", but I just hate myself for not taking the time over the past few months to go see him in person. It is sad to think that he was suffering in silence and while I know that there is nothing any of his friends could have done, I just wish I had known how bad his personal situation was. 

 I know in this busy world its easy to just focus on your own life, but this tragedy really makes me think about what's important.  I'm so sorry that Jason had to suffer in silence and I would urge everyone in memory of Jason, to take some extra time with your family or make that call to an old friend.

 I had a good laugh ( and cry) listening to the chorus of this song thinking about Jason last night...  ( Warning... this song will likely make you cry.) 

 My heart goes out to Jason's two daughters and his family, especially his wonderful mother Irene.

  I hope Jason is practicing his best SCTV "Five Neat Guys" songs right now....see you when I see you man.  RIP Jason. 

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  1. I am so very sorry to hear this. He was always a great guy. keep ur head high brother. peace

  2. Beautiful tribute Shane, thank you. My parents thought it was wonderful. Jenn Hatton Corkill

    1. bye i love you we never really connected so much

    2. are you his sister im his daughter

  3. RIP my friend you are missed greatly each and every single day. My thoughts and prayers are with the Hatton family and your beautiful little girls Jason.
    I will forever hold fond memories!! Rest in peace my buddy!

  4. I will miss him terribly. We use to talk for hours! I'll never forget you my friend!

  5. plz tell my grandparents i say hi