Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Day Without Food In Support Of Brown Bagging For Calgary's Kids

  Many of you know that I am a proud kitchen volunteer and board member for Brown Bagging For Calgary's Kids ( BB4CK) and I am humbled every Monday morning that I get to help make lunches for needy Calgary school children.  Even though I have been doing this for over two years, I still am moved when I try to imagine that there are kids in our city that go hungry everyday.  When I talk to people about what BB4CK does, they are also shocked that there are thousands of kids that go without food in a rich city like Calgary and they always are looking for ways to help.

 As part of BB4CK's tenth anniversary, the organization has laid out many different ways the public can get involved.  This month, we have challenged Calgarians to "go a day without food" on January 24 and share their thoughts with everyone.  While I understand that it may not be feasible to go a whole day with out food, many people have stated that they want to get involved by giving up one meal, their favorite snack or will attempt to go without something that is important to them for the day. What can you give up? 

Here are my thoughts this morning....

If you would like to give it a shot, be sure to tweet (@brownbaggingit  #bb4ck10for10 ) or share your thoughts on the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BB4CK   ( The main website is www.brownbaggingit.org )

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  1. Thanks Shane ... It's 12:20pm & I'm thinking of the leftovers in my fridge that would make a good lunch. Seems I'm thinking a lot about food this morning; something I never have to think about. Kathy Prosser

    1. I have been around food all day and have voluntarily not partaking. Seems it would be impossible if I didn't know that I had a full fridge to go to when this day is over.

  2. Thanks so much Shane! It's been a tough day. I'm a 'healthy snacker' and to not have the intake of food does not have me feeling very good.
    The most predominant thought I have is that I can't imagine not having an option to eat. I know I will eat at the end of this day- I CAN NOT imagine what it is like for the kids in Calgary that do not have that option.
    I am THANKFUL that for over 10 years BB4CK is doing all it can to help these kids out with at least a healthy lunch. And THANKFUL for the people in this community that step up every day to give of their hearts, hands, and financial generosity.