Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Calgary City Council Mediator Session

  I have been lucky to have been a guest on the unconventional panel three times in the past month!  This week, the panel talked about the City of Calgary "intervention", where a facilitator was brought into a special meeting on Monday.  This caused quite a stir on twitter, as many people were shocked at the thought that council actually needed a psychologist to come in and facilitate a meeting to promote harmony amongst the group.

  I had the chance to talk to Mayor Nenshi about this last night and he confirms that it really was blown out of proportion.  Like George and Cory state in the panel, these types of meetings go on all of the time and are often used as a team building event or  a corporate goal setting session.  Mayor Nenshi laughed at the notion that the facilitator ( who is a psychologist by profession) was there to offer his professional services to try and "head shrink" his colleagues.  I am sure that when  most people heard this story, they imagined the Alderman laying on couches and telling the facilitator "about their mother's".

  We had a good debate on the show this morning and we all had some fun with this topic.  You have to check out the picture on the CBC website which shows off George Brookman rocking the coolest pair of ladies sunglasses! 

Here is a link to the audio podcast!

Do you think that this was blown out of proportion, or does this point to an increasingly dysfunctional council?

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