Monday, January 4, 2010

Two Calgary MLA's to Cross to the Wildrose Alliance Party!

Wow.  What a surprise I received this morning when I read in the Calgary Herald that two Calgary area MLA's are set to leave the PC Party and cross over to the Wildrose Alliance Party!  While there have been rumblings for months about this kind of bold move, I was still amazed at the news.  When you look at the two MLA's that are leaving, it is interesting to analyze why they may be doing it?  My thoughts...

  Rob Anderson:  This is potentially a bad loss for the PC party.  I personally like Rob as we share a lot of the same beliefs and are the same age.  I thought that his appointment to the treasury Board committee would have appeased his fiscal conservative conscious ( not to mention the additional pay that he will not forfeit!) but I guess not.  I guess that after 19 Months in government you are entitled to a full cabinet post? 

 Taking a look at his riding of Airdrie-Chestermere, Rob would face certain defeat against the Wildrose Alliance in Myron Thompson country!  I am sure that his decision is mainly rooted in his political future. 

  Heather Forsyth:   I do not understand this move at all?  Heather is a five term PC MLA going back to 1993.  My guess is that she was left out of cabinet AGAIN and is done with politics.  Want a crazy theory? Just for fun?.... Perhaps she is going to retire within the year and leave the seat open for WAP Leader Danielle Smith to run in.  This way, the PC party has to scramble to find a candidate that will run against Danielle on short notice.  Crazy?  Anything is possible in this wacky province now.  If not, Heather will surely by defeated by a PC candidate in the next election as this is not really s WAP friendly riding.  ( As an aside, I jokingly commented on Twitter today that her defection may allow some young PC bloggers in the area to run in the next election now!)

So now what?  Who is next to cross?  Will the Wildrose take any more PC MLA's into their party or will they just use the careers of these two politicians to further their credibility and Legislative standing? 


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  1. I'm going to draw a parallel between this and Chretien's early election call after Stockwell became reform leader. I know it's a loose parallel but bear with me. Chretien saw a real threat in Stockwell and a reform party polling ever higher. Chretien called the bluff and called an early election. He knew the Reformers wouldn't have time to get ready. He didn't want to give them time to get a foot hold. Could it be potentially wise for Stelmach to call an election right now? It will throw everything into the fray immediately. The WRA has no real policy, no real machinery in place. Albertans would have to bite their tongues and stick with what they know best...even if they are perturbed right now. Ed might even be seen as brave for putting the power back into our hands when we feel so down. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Anon 9:57...Thanks for the comment. I think the analogy is good, but I cannot see the PC's calling an election. They are low in the polls, they've had a hard year fundraising, no issue to run on and they just received a massive mandate less than 24 months ago. The public would likely be angry with this type of posturing.

    They will likely face a much stronger WAP foe in 2012, but the PC's will not call and election in my opinion.


  3. These two are just after another gravy train to grab on to. They see the ride coming to an end and this is all they can do. Not that I blame them for jumping ship. Who the hell wants to be associated with Ed Stelmach? Not anyone with any sort of political aspirations.

    I think you're right, they won't call an election. Stelmach has come this far with running things like a dictator it's too late to change now the damage is done.

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  4. Shane,

    Rob is a Social Conservative and they are banned in the PC Party. He had no where else to go.

  5. Rob is a hard core social conservative yes, but Danielle is an atheist and a libertarian. Do you really think these two will get along?

    I won't be voting PC after what they did to Chandler, but I can't vote WAP with Danielle Smtih as leader. Time to form a new party.

  6. Anon 7:43 - You're bringing Atheism in to a political discussion? Really?

    I moved to Alberta recently from the left-wing wilderness of BC. Based what I've seen so far, I had come to the tentative conclusion that all the chatter I'd heard about the the praries' lack of a political/religious divide was a myth. I'm hoping you're the lone wolf here.

    I'm a right wing girl myself, but mixing politics and personal spirituality is a recipe for some very scary stuff. I don't know much about Danielle Smith, but I know enough not to give a hoot about where any one else sends their prayers (or not).