Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get Your Peter Demong Trucker Hats and Maternity T-Shirts...Going Fast!!

  I came across this site the other day and literally spit my coffee out from the laughter!  In what can only be described as another of Craig C's brilliant (?) campaign branding ideas, the Peter Demong for Ward 14 alderman team has linked up with to offer the average Calgarian a piece of the Peter Demong Campaign.  Personally, people have been stopping me on the street asking where they can get a Peter D really is all the rage!

  The website has an array of products with the Demong logo and slogan and these items would make a wonderful gift for that special someone on your list.  Christmas is still 5 months away, but I would get your order in today, as these items will not last! I even think that sales of these products may rival the excitement generated by the release of Tickle Me Elmo and the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.   My personal favorites include:

  The styling Peter Demong Trucker Hat!  ( Comes with a breathable vent backing!)

 The Peter Demong Maternity T-Shirt.... ( A Future Voter is a Future Voter I guess!)

  For a full list of products, head on over to and pick your propaganda up today!

Not to be outdone, I have decided to open up my own cafepress shop! It can be found at   I did not want the Demong team to have a monopoly on the ugliest shirt store in town!  And if anyone is silly enough to buy anything from the calgaryrants site, I will donate the profits to a local children's charity! 


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  1. Un-f***ing-real. Refresh my memory Shane, but isn't that the exact same artwork that Mark Dyrholm used for his leadership campaign? Oh well, Craig is nothing if not thrifty. and how come there's a "men's sleeveless tee" but no "wife-beaters"? C'mon, Peter, get your stuff together, man.

  2. So then... this is bad time to hock the SAVAGEwear shop?

    Can't wait to see everyone wearing these at the PC AGM in October... the orange-and-blue "ES" shirts are synergistic - could mean me, could mean that OTHER E.S. ;)

  3. Shane,

    Thankd for the plug.

    We have already had $2,000 in sales from it and it is a standard site. Rather than us having to manage stock of our own Cafe Press already has a whole line of products. We simply send them our logo and they do the rest for us. It is great! we do nothing yet receive a cheque right from Cafe Press. I encourage anyone in a campaign or ... See Morebusiness to get involved with Cafe Press. I am really impressed with their service. There are also lot's of other products as well on Peters page and we encourage you to look.

    The hats are great for doorknocking as it really helps keep the sun out of our eyes and keeps our head cool all while identifying us.

  4. That's what Craig needs - something to help him keep a cool head.

  5. Have you seen the size of Craig's giant head? OMG that cranium is like Sputnik! XXXL hats all around!

  6. Don't think Demong's head will be as big as Fox Mellway's.

  7. I don't think Demong's hats and T-shirts are a bad idea either. It's always easy to criticize, but what's not so easy is to offer better suggestions.