Monday, July 26, 2010

New Website Takes Aim At Craig Chandler.

  I love Twitter. It has the ability to allow people to reach out and share information so quickly, that there really is nothing quite like it.  I was really intrigued when I saw that a new twitter account called " Chandler's List" ( aka "Chandler Watcher") started following me, so I had to check it out.  I was quite alarmed when I saw what the site was actually about!

  The site, (  is basically a Chandler bashing brochure designed to highlight his affiliations and political involvements.  They even go as far as to publicly name ( with pictures) each of his supporters and past campaign candidates, which they call The Chandlerites!  There are even some people listed that are only there because Craig recently praised them in an interview with the Calgary Beacon.  While I am not sure who is behind the website ( it would probably be pretty easy to figure it out by the domain I assume?)  it would appear that a lot of the conversation has spilled over from recent Twitter/Facebook blowouts between Chandler and local citizens.  Check the site for details.

  While Craig and I have had a few "disagreements" over comments that I have made about his candidates, I could never imagine taking it this far.  In fact, I had the most wonderful comment sent to me that included Chandler's Image imprinted on a certain  piece of women's clothing, but I found it too offensive to publish.  Truth be told, that I am often worried about lawsuits that may be brought against me for content on this blog, especially from Anonymous posters.

 The people behind the  Chandler's List website are in fact using public information, so I cannot see any direct libel issues, but I would assume it may not sit well with those candidates whose names and image are being posted on the site.  I can almost hear a "Govern Yourself Accordingly" letter being typed as we speak.

 I would love to hear your thoughts...


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  1. Obviously I am a threat or they would not waste their time.

    I am flattered.

  2. I think it's hilarious, especially the The Chandlerites. Definitely a great way to start a Monday morning!

  3. A prime example of the political left. They cannot win, or even really participate in an honest debate because their position is flawed, so they regress back to childhood. The site is nothing more than cyber name-calling.
    It actually adds credibility to Chandler.

  4. I am disappointed that people are moving away from the issues and turning healthy political debate into unproductive and unnecessary sparring. It concerns me greatly also that this has turned into a hyper left-right debate. No on is winning, and these actions will not appeal to non-voters and the apathetic.

  5. The name calling BS shows a lack of any real substance. I agree with Jeremy, what about the issues? I've been watching the debates go on and it's ridiculous that anyone would even see fit to print some of the stupid comments I've seen. As far as Twitter goes, from my experience it's nothing more than a electronic outlet for those with Tourette's syndrome. Quick inappropriate comments with very little thought behind them, most of which make no sense, sorry Shane that's the way I see it.

  6. Leigh, what makes you think this site comes from the "political left?" In my experience, the people who dislike Chandler the most are right-wing, as they consider him an embarrassment to the cause.

  7. Anon.

    The only people on the right that dislike Chandler have found themself on the other side in a race. He takes no prisoners and does not care what people think.

    He is brilliant.

  8. Craig Chandler's remaining friendJuly 29, 2010 at 12:45 AM

    You're right. When an army gets slaughtered every time they go into battle, it's difficult for them to take any prisoners.

  9. Booooo to not publishing

    Maybe next time eh Shane?

  10. Hi Anon ( and everyone!) Thanks for the comments. I have had a few funny but potentially slanderous comments about a certain someone that I just cannot publish. I am not trying to restrict comments, but know that I will likely get sued, lol. Especially when they are ANON comments. Right or wrong, thats how it is folks... :)

  11. No worries about postings. Slander is nothing to be sneezed at. A certain someone does tend to get on the pretty heavy-handed side with his tactics.

    On that note, have you noticed that the Chandler's List website isn't working today? Mere coincidence - or likely - more intimidation tactics from You Know Who?

  12. I feel sorry for the misguided desperate candidates who are trying to get elected to any political affiliation and choose to use Chandler as their campaing manager.

    He failed at his political endeavours in Ontario and he has failing grades here in the west.

    I liked the site Chandlers List.......and have booked marked it to keep up to date with the Chandler Diaries!!!!

  13. Failed in Ontario? Contributing to the Common Sense Revolution, being Preston Manning's Golden Horse Shoe organizer and managing over 42 successful campaigns is not a failure (just in Ontario and all but 2 were victories).

    Heck he even came second for the Reform Party in Hamilton at the age of 22. That is like an NDP member coming second in south Calgary.

    He got McIver, Anders, Lord, Johnston and several others elected in Alberta. Just because you repeat the same lie
    over and over does not make it true.

    Chandler will survive as he always has.

    Oh and I am a real person. Check me out as I guess I am a Chandlerite! I am just offended I am not listed :(

  14. Tommy Low (ward 4), Steve Chapman (Ward 9, for now...), and Peter Demong are just a few of the Chandlerites running in 2010 here in Calgary.

    And I will bet my house that not one of them will win an aldermanic seat in 2010. Any takers?

    P.S. Hugh Prendergast - you're full of beans. Craig has not won 42 elections. That is not even close to the truth. He has 2 wins - 3 maybe if you count that other fluke. One of them being Ric McIver's 1st successful aldermanic campaign in 2001.

    P.P.S. Attaching Chanlder's name to succesful conservative political campaigns (i.e. Anders, Johston, etc) is just plain deceptive and outright lies. None of these guys ever wanted nor asked for Craig's name to be associated with theirs - let alone for helping run their campaigns. Craig is political poison of the highest order - even for hard-line conservatives.

  15. Craig only helped get Ald Keating and Demong elected. He was not helping any other candidate last election.

    As for Anders and Johnston? Chandler was paid money to help.

    You might want to ask Denis, Fraser and McIver how much they appreciated Craig in the recent election.