Friday, October 1, 2010

Calgary Ward 12 Alderman Sign Review

 Signs, Signs....everywhere there's signs!

  With The 2010 Calgary municipal election in full swing, I thought I would take a look at some of the signs that the Ward 12 candidates are using this campaign.  Since September 20, the signs have popped up like uncontrolled weeds, which I find distracting while driving.  I understand that they are a huge component of local campaigns, but I find the mass placements a little tacky at times.

 I thought I would share what the Ward 12 candidates signs look like, as of September 27, 2010 when I took these pictures anyway.....

Al Browne

  Al's signs are big and bright.  Driving through the ward, I see hundreds of signs on private lawns.  They are professional and well made.
Shane Keating

Like Al Browne, Shane's large signs are big and bright but with a "hokey, down home" kind of feel to them.  Shane's little signs are hard to read with their green on white design, but they too are scattered throughout the ward, mostly in strategic public places.

Roger Crowe

  This is probably the most creative campaign sign in Calgary right now.  I have not seen many of them, but they definitely stand out.  Although I  had to laugh when my wife said to me, "doesn't a black crow symbolize death?"....

Ben Sim

 Ben's signs were honestly hard for me to track down.  I have not found any on residential lawns yet, and they are sporadically placed ( eg. one per main road) in the ward.

Rory Rotzoll

  When I took these pictures on Monday, I could not find a single Vote Rory sign in the ward.  I took this one at the Mayoral forum ( and in doing so, dropped my video camera, which Rory found and returned to me!) as there were none up in the neighborhood.  Rory has since been placing small lawn signs in and around the ward. 


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  1. Don't you just love elections, campaigns and politics in general. It's like a big entertainment business. Candidates come in their beautiful costumes as they try to sing and dance and have nice billboards for your entertainment. :D

  2. Those Crowe signs are something else! Kudos to whoever came up with that idea.

    Also, people who are interested in the election (and even those who aren't!) should come to one of the last all-candidates' mayoralty forums held for the public. It will be at Calgary Public Library's Central branch (across from City Hall) on October 10 from 12-3 in the 2nd floor theatre.

  3. Must say the number of signs this year compared to other years is unbelievable. However, not sure how else voters are getting information on who to vote for. Websites? Flyers? Forums.
    Great forum last night for Ward 12 aldermanic candidates by CivicCamp. The format for these forums is terrific.
    At the forum, Mr. Sim stated he had taken his signs down because of the proliferation of signs.
    One thing to remember. After Oct. 18 they will be down.