Friday, October 15, 2010

Video Interview With 2010 Calgary Mayoral Candidate Ric McIver

  I had the opportunity to sit down with Ric McIver this morning for a quick blog interview.  I was surprised that we were actually able to connect, given the fact that the election is less than 3 days away!  Ric had some interesting responses on the importance of the first 60 days in office, what separates him from the other candidates and his views on some major city issues, including the SW Ring Road, airport tunnel and recreation facilities in Calgary.

 Here is the video....

I apologize for the shaky hand, but I do not pretend to be a professional at all! 

I am impressed that Ric made some time for my blog and for given how hectic his schedule must be right now. I know that all of the candidates are looking forward to the vote on Monday!

Also, if you do not have any plans on election night feel free to join for our election party!

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