Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson Pulls Diva Act

With the Alberta provincial election calls just days away, it sure seems that things are getting a bit testy in Edmonton!  I laughed so hard at the Edmonton Journal story about Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson's tussle with a female sherrif at the legislature yesterday.  In what can only be described as a severe "diva" moment, the Airdrie MLA intentionally parked in Premier Redford's assigned parking stall, only to have a fit when the sheriff demanded ID and asked him to move.

  In the story link above, you can see that Mr. Anderson feels that he is an important man and really is above reproach.  A civilized person would have apologized and simply moved the vehicle to his own assigned spot.  Perhaps he has been watching too many episodes of "Parking Wars" on A&E and thinks its OK to belittle Sheriffs who are assigned to provide security.

  I think that since he feels he is the de facto leader of the WRP that he is entitled to "test drive" the premiers spot and imagines he will in fact be the Premier one day.  Unfortunately, the thirty second park job is about as close as he will actually come to filling the Premier's shoes.

 It should be an interesting month! 

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  1. You assume he parked there 'on purpose'. He probably figured it wasn't an issue - it's not like Redford ever uses the spot herself.

  2. Come on, LP. He's been there four years and he knows very well where the Premier's parking spot is. And it is almost constantly in use. Other spots where he could have parked are about 50 feet away. Five seconds for a fit young man like Rob. He was just trying to provoke a confrontation, at the expense of some poor Sheriff who was just doing her job.

  3. The "rants" have grown tiresome. What used to be insightful commentary about relevant topics is now fodder for Wildrose bashing...and this is coming from a PC supporter. You're better than this. Stop the childishness talking points of campaign bus boobies and parking lot divas and get back to issues that are important to Albertans.

  4. Thanks for the comments... ANON 2:21pm, I am sorry to dissapoint. Both of these stories were reported in the MSM. I find them funny and if you know me, I like lighthearted posts. :) Over the next month, we will have tons of serious topics to talk about, but for now, I will continue to lighten things up.

  5. I am a Wild Rose supporter, but this upsets me. There is no room for childish elementary school games, oh wait, this is politics. Why do politicians resort to acting like my 8 year old?
    I live in Airdrie and I lost a little respect for Mr. Anderson for his antics and talking down to someone who is working hard and doing their job. It shows his true personality, and I am not a fan of it. I will have to re-think my vote as I don't vote for cocky bullies who disobey the rules.

  6. Interesting that a sheriff would talk to the media, I would expect officers of the law should respect FOIP (Freedom of Information and Privacy Act) I was also surprised to see Jonathan Denis piping up about this, very tattle tale like... seems as though he is most likely the one who leaked the reports. I would expect better from the top cop but I guess absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  7. @Anon 11:19, she didn't speak to the media. The media obtained a copy of her report.

    I live in Airdrie and have met Mr. Anderson a few times. He's arrogant and rude. And I don't like how the only policies the Wildrose seem to have involve putting down the cons. I'm not a Conservative voter myself, but I can assure you I will be checking my very first conservative ballot this year specifically because I do not want Rob Anderson representing me.