Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Happy Wildrose Tweets! ( And A Huge Surprise Endorsement!)

  With the Alberta provincial election call just around the corner, the tension on Twitter has never been greater.  I have noticed that the tone between tweeters of all political stripes has become overheated in the last few weeks.  I used to love to jump in and debate issues with some loud Wildrose supporters, but I am just drained from all of the negativity.  I am all for honest debate, but most of these conversations have just become super partisan pissing matches and to be honest, I just cant be bothered.  The tone has gotten so nasty that I have even seen non-political people turned off.

 While I have some good friends in the Wildrose Party and think that they have some (....some) valid ideas, one of the main reasons the party has turned me off is the negative tone from the majority of there supporters online.  I would never paint an entire group of people based on a few dozen high profile members, but unfortunately they tend to represent the views of the average party member in my opinion.

Since I tend to prefer lighthearted posts, I thought I would share some cool products that may help ease the anger of the Wildrose tweets!

The Oscar "I Love The WRP" Iphone Skin! 

Campaign Buttons!  ( Watch for them on the campaign trail!)

The "0.05 Hater Shot Glass" ( I predict that this will be a big seller the day after the election!)

Good Times! 


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  1. Oh, come on. Neglecting the fact that there has been plenty of vitriol coming from the P.C. tweeters in the other direction insults the intelligence of anyone who is familiar with your topic.

    Not up to your usual standards, my friend.

  2. Yes Leigh, there are some jerks from the PCAA and Liberals on twitter also. If all were are respectful and engaging on twitter as you tend to be, we could all have some better debate. ;)

    1. Excuse me Shane, I did not sign a waiver to use my photo. I can't believe you didn't do the coasters ;) Your slipping lol. Good job, form a hyperpartisan wrp member

    2. There's no need to relegate the value of a debate to its tone. That is a left wing form of censorship and has very little to do with civility or truth. The PCs haven't had a real and critical opposition for a very long time and they have, quite obviously, developed a sense of entitlement that hasn't been properly scrutinized in the past. If we are a conservative/ libertarian people then better start acting like it. The track record of this government up to and including premier mom has been terrible. We are (on the government side) as socialist other province or territory in this country, we have to change this.

    3. It is inane and childish to relegate the value of political discourse to the tone in which it is delivered. This government has lived for to long without opposition and the results are obvious. It's time to put them to task, in real terms, not the obfuscating language of political correctnes.

  3. Ahh.... when you come to the Wildside you will look back on this post and have a good chuckle... I'm chuckling too by the way.

    And I agree with you Twitter is rapidly losing it's appeal.

  4. Shane; no question some rhetoric from Wildrose tweeps is assertive and, at times, aggressive, and on the odd occasion, over the line. The same can be said with PC tweeps, so why you single out only one party is curious.

    Sadly, overall, your post continues the anti-democratic nature of the PC party since the party is characterizing most, if not all, of the criticism being lobbed their (your) way as negative & attacking.

    It's the job of an opposition to bring to light the misdeeds and bad choices of the governing party and the amount of ammunition your own party is giving us is really astounding. Your position encourages limited debate, rather than more.

    The PCs have seen a $17 billion Sust. Fund zapped to nothing by next year, they take money for work not done and bully & intimidate to get their way: those are facts, yet simply by bringing them up, many in your party say I am "attacking" is an outrageous position and I'm sorry to see you've bought into it hook, line and sinker.

  5. Interesting post! I was glad to see you own up to the 'twits' on both sides including Carter. Oscar the Grouch's endorsement for the #wrp could easily have gone to the #pcaa but I think he represents most Albertans who have been known to complain, but when fed up enough about government, finally do something about it. After 41 years, he's ready for change and so are a lot of us...