Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's Use Social Media To Raise Some Extra Money At PoliBowl 2013!

  First off, I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support of #polibowl 2013!  This event sold out in less than three weeks, and I am blown away by this!  With three days to go until the event, I thought I would try and tie in a fun way to try and raise some additional funds for Brown Bagging For Calgary's Kids by harnessing the power of social media!

  Back in December, my pal Joey Oberhoffner had a wonderful idea to help raise money for and Inn From The Cold Christmas fundraiser that I was trying to organize.  He pulled together a "foodapolooza" fundraiser, where individuals reached out to their social media contacts to "sponsor" them in their efforts to devour Tacos/Wings at a local pub.  Through twitter, we were able to raise close to $5000 via these small individual donations (we then had a $5000 matching gift via an anonymous donor) which was amazing!  You can read about this December event here: 


  The success of this cool idea really proved to me the power of social media and how a large number of people can make a huge difference by donating small amounts to a good cause.

 So, JUST FOR FUN.... I think we should try this at #polibowl 2013!!

  • $5/strike! 
  • $0.10 per point! 
  • $3/spare! 
  • $1/gutterball! 
 Keep track of your individual donations and have your contacts submit their donations directly to Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids ( after the event) on their website at:

I bet than we can easily raise $500 ( maybe even $1000!) for this amazing charity and have a ton of fun using social media to do this!  Remember, this is just a fun idea and not mandatory!  

The person that raises the most money at the event will win the amazing trophy pictured above and will be able to hang that on their mantle for years to come! 

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