Monday, November 3, 2014

Foodapalooza Fundraiser For Inn From The Cold!

  Let's have some fun and use social media to raise some money for Inn From The Cold! 

  Back in 2012, my pal Joey Oberhoffner came up with a pretty cool idea to help with a fundraiser that I was running to help some families that were guests of the Inn From The Cold at Christmas.  Through this event, we were able to raise close to $10,000 in one night, which was amazing!  Since this was such a fun night for everyone involved, we decided that we should run this fundraiser again this holiday season!

  At the last event, we had five brave eaters that reached out to their friends and social media contacts in an attempt to sponsor them for each food item they were able to eat.  While the individual donations were generous, they all added up collectively pretty fast due to the sheer volume of individual donors committed to cheering their favorite gluttonous pals on!  ( For example, Marc Doll was being sponsored for $100/taco once his sponsors were totaled up.) The amount of people that were following along and donating at home just confirmed how amazing social media can be.  

  ** All funds raised will go towards the Inn From The Cold's "Sponsor A Family" initiative this holiday season. 

  How Can You Help? 

 This year, the participants will be chowing down on Perogies and Wings in an attempt to raise money for the Inn From The Cold.  They will need your support (morally and financially) to help make this a success. An easy way to help is to offer your sponsorship of a small amount ( eg. $0.50 per wing or $1.00/perogie etc.) to one of the amazing people that have stepped up to the "plate".  

  This years event will be held at Murdoch's Bar and Grill ( 1935 37 Street SW, Calgary) on Wednesday, November 26 2014 from 7 to 10pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend!  

  So far, we have the following eaters signed up to participate:

  •  Marc Doll  ( Team Alberta Party) @dollhouseyyc 

  • Joey Oberhoffner ( Team PCAA)  @oberhoffner

  • Kyle MacQuarrie  ( Team Twitter!)  @KyleMacQuarrie 

  •  Derrick Jacobson  ( Wildrose Party ) @albertaaltruist

  • Cory Chapdelaine  ( Team Cory! ) @88styles 

  • Vincent St Pierre  ( Team Alberta Liberals) -  @VSP

  • Kevin Olenick     ( Team Agree Or Disagree!) @kevole
  Donations and pledges to your favourite eater can be made here...

( Pledge an amount per Perogy now and you can follow up with the final totals on Nov 26!  Or, donate a flat amount to your favorite participant at the link above.)

Be sure to watch for updates on this site and on Twitter...  

We hope that everyone can make it down for a beer and some laughs that night!  This will be a great opportunity to meet up with some amazing twitter people in real life.  



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