Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fun: Hopefully the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Will Be Better Than This!

  Let the games begin!  I did a post on my memories of the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics here, so feel free to check it out also! 

I am a proud, proud Calgarian, but this video of the 1988 Winter Games closing ceremony is just too funny not to share!  Check out the sweet dancing and song stylings! 

I will be watching the Vancouver ceremonies to compare!  I would bet that they learned a thing or two since 1988, so it should be highly entertaining!

Go Canada GO! 

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  1. Great find. This is really cheesy... Got a chance to be in Vancouver last week end and the spirit of olympics is just awesome. Though driving there for 12 hours one way isn't cool. :)

  2. Why doesn't someone come out and say it---the Calgary Olympic games were by far more successful than what took place in Vancouver?? More spirit, better facilities, an opening ceremony that wasn't "botched", SNOW and much more fun-no left over deficits too!!