Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Year Of Blogging!

I have been so darn busy with the new baby and work that I missed my one year Blog Anniversary!  I am actually shocked that I made it this long.  I have not posted as much in the past 6 weeks for a few reasons, but I hope that this will change soon.  I am not sure if its just a slow time politically, the fact that I am mellowing out with the arrival of my new son ( check out my other blog to see me being nice... www.calgarydaddy.com )  or if I am just so frustrated politically that I am "biting" my tongue while I reserve judgement.  Knowing me, its likely a combination of all three.

 Here is a link to my first post from last January and a link to my six month anniversary post, where I give kudos to the blogs that got me going and encouraged me during the first few months!  Check it out. 

 Over the past year, I have found some interesting people online and I am glad that I can read their views.  We may never agree on everything, but I love the passion!  I am also proud to be part of a new crop of bloggers that include the Alberta Altruist and Politicalgary among others!

Anyways....thanks again to everyone who stops by the blog to read my views on the things that bug me!  Your support means a lot to me.

More posts to follow!


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  1. Congratulations on the one year, and more important the new addition to the family. It takes a huge amount of time to maintain a blog, but it is (I find) a great way to vent. Looking forward to another year of your posts!!

  2. I find blogs great for my dieting! I've lost over 50 pounds in the past 2 weeks! That would make me 70 lbs!

    Congratulations on your one-versary.