Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bye Bye Bronco!

Great news!

Bronco Not Running For Mayor in 2010!  Ya-Hoo!

 You cant see me right now, but if I had a live webcam feed you would see some serious ass shaking!  I am literally dancing around the house like a mad man!  Why?  Because the the city I love finally has a chance to get back on the right track!  With the Bronco's announcement today that he will not run again, we finally have the potential to get some real leadership at City Hall!

 This news is no surprise to me!  I called this in a post on 12/1/2009 Called "Bronco's Running Scared"  although I thought he would wait until the last minute to bow out.  Anyone that reads this site understands that I am not a huge fan.  For some past Bronco jabs, check out:

The question floating around today is Who Will Run?  I wondered this same question in May 2009 on this post: Who Will Be Calgary's Mayor in 2010?  And apart from the addition of Druh Farrel, Craig Chandler and Joe ( Could He Be ANY More Arrogant?) Connelly, there is not much of a change.

Bottom line, there is only one front runner and serious candidate ( if he ever announces it!) and that is Ric McIver. 

Interesting.  Very Interesting.

Who do you think will run?  Does this news surprise you?


PS: Be Sure to check out a new collaborative blog called the Best Political Team in the Blogosphere! It will be THE source for info on the 2010 Calgary Municipal Election.

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  1. Shane, I expect that Gordon Dirks http://www.calgarychristian.com/articles/2004/402-gordondirks.htm http://www.ambrose.edu/news/announcements/gord-dirks-resigns-vp-external-relations
    could be convinced to run and would likely have money behind him.

  2. McIver will be a great Mayor.

    I will not be running for MLA, Alderman, MP etc... for at least a decade. I have little children that I want to see grow up.

    They are the most important things in my life. Politics can wait.