Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hal Walker Joins the Wildrose Alliance. Is The WAP Becoming a Haven For Old Tories?

Today's announcement that Hal Walker has joined the Wildrose Alliance Party as their interim party president is no big shocker and it is no big "coup" either.  While Mr. Walker has a long association with the PC Party, including Past President of the Calgary Elbow PC Association, but appears to have given up on the party a long time ago. 
  Many people will recall Mr. Walker's famous email, ( I am sure the people who had their email address listed for all to see where not so impressed) that pretty much sealed his intentions as a future PC party member.  Daveberta had a great post on this link.... and it definitely worth the read.  In the email, Mr. Walker shares his love for our premier and more love for the royalty review. 
 I love how every few weeks, the Wildrose machine feels that they need to share the fact that they have attracted a FORMER PC SUPPORTER/BOARD MEMBER/PARTY INSIDER/SECOND COUSIN ( twice removed) / FORMER PAPERBOY TO AN EX-MLA's Executive Assistant. ETC...  to their party!  Why do they feel the need to legitimize their membership in this manner?  Are they a real party or just a protest tent for old PC party supporters?  I have yet to see anything of substance come from this fledgling group, except the fact that the party seems to attract a roster of PC cast-offs full of yesterday's ideas?   Even better, it always seems that once someone feels slighted, or that they are no longer part of the mysterious "inner circle", that they only place for them to go is into the loving arms of the WAP. 
 I have made it no secret that I am a PC supporter and at the same time, I often share my frustration with my party and the leader.  But I truly believe that the only way to change the Alberta PC party is from within.  The old guard will tell me that the damage is done and that the party is beyond repair, but I don't believe that to be true.  I know that there is a bastion of supporters from my generation ( I am 33 this weekend) that believe we can change the system without jumping ship to the Grumpy Ol Boys and Girls Club ( Aka The Wildrose Alliance)   I for one have made it my personal commitment to give it all I have to try and make my party better and if we fail as a group, at least we tried. 

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  1. All that is happening here is the P.C members moving over to the Wildrose Alliance Party are just saving their political careers, they will keep going on as they had before, filling their own pockets and not caring about Albertan's, as the past has proven, with Heather Forsyth as Solicitor General refusing to call an investigation into bribery and fraud of the Workers Compensation Board in 2003 and Rob Anderson's famous Bill44, yes they are for Albertan's all right, just which ones we are not sure of, for themselves is the most obvious.

  2. I'm 34 and a Wild Rose member. We'll grow in every demographic and in every region and we'll take whomever you don't want.

  3. Just another PC loser that will drink the kool aide they offer.

  4. Chicken shit motherfucker, glad I know who you are now shortbus.

  5. You comment that these are disaffected Tory supporters that are going over to the Wildrose and the impression I get is that you think this is wrong. Does that mean any new party should just be made up of people that previously had no allegiance to a political party? There are only so many people in Alberta and any new party needs advice from experienced people. I have been a PC supporter for 38 years and am appalled by what I see going on within the PC Party (I was 25 when I voted for the first Lougheed PC government. Up until then I had supported Social Credit).

    Every time we turn around the PC's in the Legislature are doing something underhanded to block the Wildrose. I think the PC’s have gone too far down the road and cannot be rehabilitated. Everything they do now is to garner votes; it has nothing to do with what is best for Albertans.

    The other thing I am getting is you do not think people can change their minds. I actually have not changed how I feel about political parties; it is the PC’s that have changed. They have become very arrogant and do not listen to the electorate. I am like Mr. Walker, I have not left the PC’s, they have left me.

    There, now you have my rant.

    By the way, nice picture of Premier Stelmach and the Not So Honorable Ken Kowalski.

  6. Thanks Malas! Sweet Rants and awesome closing comments! I love the wit for sure.


  7. Hey Anon 6:21 and 6:22....not sure what you mean by "Chicken Shit Mother F*cker" or "glad you know who I am am now" means? Sounds a bit like a threat to My wife didnt like to read that, but I told her not to worry. as anyone that poses a serious threat would Not Post ANON....Would they?

    Like I said before....I am not sure why I get these random hit and run comments from those that live in the mommy's basement? I love it when people disagree with me, but to attack from the damp mildew under mom's stairs is just too funny. I am sure she was kind of cute back in 1974, but its time to cut that cord man. How many times do I have to say it? Sheesh....

    I guess that "now that you know who I am.." ( was this ever some secret?) we can have coffee anytime! Just ask momma if you can stay out past 7? I am sure she will not touch your D&D collection friend. Its all good.

    Just email me anytime.

  8. Just another Political opportunist, Rather than sit on a sinking ship party he went over board and joined the WRP. This crap about only being able to effect changes from within and then leaving is just a load of bull. He will collect his golden pension and parachute. Seems our provincial government is like the Titanic and sinking (not fast enough for my liking). The Tories seem to think being in power is a given and so don't really care about the common man. Mr. Walker is just hitching his horse to a rising star in Alberta Politics. Nothing more, he is looking out for #1 and that's himself. 34 years in the PC's and he has done nothing to fix things. So he ran

  9. I could be wrong and if I didn't have to leave for an appointment I would check into it but I don't think Mr. Walker will get a pension he would have been working on a volunteer basis. If I am wrong, please let me know.

    Also, as much as I am not enamoured with a number of the current MLA's, although I think mine is doing the best he can with his hands tied, the MLA's do not get a pension. I am a little fuzzy on the details but they can contribute at a much higher limit to an RRSP than you and I and they then get a payout when they leave (voluntarily or voted out) based on the number of months/years they have been an MLA (so yes, here is the golden parachute). That is one of the good things Klein did, he eliminated the pensions.

    I don’t think any of this applies to Mr. Walker.

  10. I hold a PC membership until December 31, 2010. What should I do before I try out another party? So far I've got a card, an email, and that's about it.

  11. Jeremy, call the WAP Office, give them your Constituency and they will hook you up with the local executive. Thats the best way to check out this new party.

  12. Hal Walker has never been elected, so no, he doesn't get a pension.

    Jeremy, if you're saying you have a PC membership, why don't you contact your local constituency president (you can e-mail her/him through the website) and ask to get involved. Having read your blog, I don't think the fishWRAP is the place for you.

    As for Mr. Walker, if he was such an important PC strategist, how is it that he was the only person (of whom I am aware) in Alberta rejected by his board (Calgary-Elbow) when he tried to become a delegate to last year's AGM? If he wasn't an important strategist, maybe he was a rainmaker? Nope, can't find any record of donations from him to the Party back to 2003.

  13. Just came upon this post now.....I'm relatively young (39) and relatively smart (undergrad and graduate degrees). These last 4 years under Stelmach saw some of the worst decisions possible being made. From him writing himself a 36% raise, to unpopular land & utility legislation and of course the not so "Super" boards of Health & Energy, the royalty mix-up: the lists go on and on. As for fixing from within, those seeking to replace Stelmach were either a) totally supportive of ALL his legislation or b) political has-beens from the Klein and Getty eras. Thanks, but no thanks, I'm going with a breath of fresh air in Wildrose country and Danielle Smith.

  14. Hal Walker is a joke!

    Why shouldn't the people of Alberta raise the royalties paid by oil and gas companies?

    What are they going to do - go elsewhere? If so - where?

    Alberta has some of the biggest deposits of oil in the WORLD.

    Australian went through the same BS a couple of years ago with Big Oil claiming they'd no longer invest there if royalties went up - and said they would move somewhere else.

    Hello People - there is NOWHERE else these companies can pull resources out of the ground for as cheaply and efficiently as Canada and Australia. So they are going NOWHERE.

    As for Hal's assertion that other economies are doing better during this disastrous global economy... please point out which ones?

    Greece? The UK? How about even Germany? ALL of them have contracting economies.

    Who's paying you Hal? Exxon? Shell? I hope so because otherwise I will assume you are just plain stupid