Saturday, April 3, 2010

Will Sean Chu Run for Calgary Ward 4 Alderman?

  I was pleasantly surprised when I heard a rumour recently that Sean Chu was considering a run for Ward 4 Alderman in the 2010 Calgary Civic Election!  I have had the good fortune to get to know Sean over the past few years while working together on the Calgary Hays PC Association Board and on various fundraisers.  Through my experience with working with him, I think he would make an excellent alderman!

 With the departure of outgoing Ward 4 Alderman Bob Hawkesworth ( see Bob's confirmation on his blog at the race for Ward 4 will be an interesting one.  Bob has held this seat for a long time and while some feel he has done a good job,  it really is time for a change in Ward 4 in my opinion! 

 Sean Chu has been a City of Calgary Policy officer for over 17 years and has many years of dedicated experience in the community.  Here is a brief snapshot of some of his community work:

• Advisor to the Sunalta/Scarboro Coalition for Safer Communities which led a successful local initiative to stop a halfway house from being built close to schools in Sunalta.

• Member of the Wildrose Lion’s Club.

• Member of the Sien Lok Society.

• Advisor to the Calgary Chinese Merchant Association.

• Volunteer Board member of local  PC Constituency Associations.

• Homecare support for a person with a disability.

• Affiliated member of the Beltline Community Association.

• Works closely with a number of senior apartments in the downtown area.

• Volunteers at various other community and charitable organizations.

  Sean has confirmed to me that there is no official announcement to make at this time, but said that he is considering this opportunity and told me to wait for some more news in the coming weeks!  As I stated before, based on my experiences with Sean, I really believe that he would make an excellent Alderman and bring some much needed class and dignity back to City Hall.  He is an honest, hardworking man that really cares about this City and I believe he is getting involved in City Politics for all of the right reasons! 

I will be watching for more developments regarding Sean's candidacy over the next few weeks. Stay Tuned!


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  1. I'm not running for anything. However, you can be pretty I'll keep a very close eye on my own ward. Based on the people I know running however, I can say we have some excellent candidates though (probably the best out of all the wards).

  2. Wait - so this failed Ed Stelmach wannabee is trying to get elected in Calgary again? Give me a break...

  3. Sean is an extremely good guy. I had the honour of serving with him on my local riding association board a few years ago (that was until I resigned in protest and disgust at Ed Stelmach).

    I think Sean would be an excellent addition to City Council.