Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Official! Ric McIver is Running for Mayor of Calgary in 2010

  It's official!  Ward 12 Alderman Ric McIver has officially announced his candidacy for Calgary's Mayor in the 2010 Election.  This announcement has been long anticipated by many ( including myself) and finally confirms his intentions to what what is considered by some the 'most open' secret in Calgary municipal politics.

 I was at Ric's Block Party event last night and I must say it was quite impressive.  The media confirmed the event had over 900 people attend and from a quick scan of the room, it was a very diverse cross section of Calgary.  At a $150 a ticket, these events usually draw the business suit/tie crowd so I was amazed that there were people of all ages and backgrounds attending.  It is likely a testament to Ric's popularity in this City. 

Ric gave an passionate speech about his vision for Calgary's future, which I think was key.  He answered Bronco's criticism of his "Dr.No" moniker and made repeat mention that he wants this city to be a Calgary for Everyone.  He also called for the inclusion of a written hansard in the City Hall meetings so there is a written record for all see, which I think is a great idea!

 Ric also talked about his C A T methodology and that he will be using this test on all spending decisions going forward.  The C A T test is as follows:

 C-  Cost Control
 A-  Accountability
 T - Transparency

Once again, I was amazed by the level of support that Ric has.  The fact that Ric can draw close to 1000 people will likely shake some reality into some of the other pretenders that want to come out of the woodwork and run for the mayors job. 

 It's going to be a fun summer and fall!

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  1. Ric McIver - I am asking a huge favour of you. Parkdale Nifty Fifties (a Seniors drop-in club) is in serious trouble with the City of Calgary, over a lease. We would love you to attend our AGM on Friday, May 14th, at 3512 - 5th Ave. N.W. We have over 400 members ranging from age 40 to age 92 and we are under threat of being "put on the street" because the City has no idea what is at stake for us to remain here.
    We built our own buildings on donations and grants and have been here for 25 years. PLEASE HELP US! COME TO OUR MEETING. My name is Sylvia Balfour and I am the Office Assistant. Our office number is 403-283-0620. I hope to hear from you very soon and thank you for your time.

  2. Ric certainly plays the media game well, but anyone who's been volunteering with the city or the Conservative Party know's that he's about as slimy as they come. I can't wait to see who comes out of the "woodwork".

  3. Higgins keeps calling McIver Dr. No. Why doesn't she get honest with the people and tell him WHY he has said no. He said it to protect the people.

    Take for example that extremely expensive PEACE bridge that we didn't need. They say it will be $25 million but if things go the usual way it will end up being $60 million.

    The contract for the design of this bridge, instead of going to a Calgarian, went to someone in Spain, and the glass roof pieces will be shipped from Austria.


    Ric was the only alderman, as usual, to say this wasn't right so he voted no to this very expensive bridge. The decision of city council in this regard was wrong all the way and Ric has always been the "only" Alderman with the guts to stand up for Calgarians.

  4. To the person who says that "anyone" who has been volunteering with the city or the Conservative Party says he's about as slimy as they come, when you neither sign your name "NOR" indicate the names of those who have said that, your word means nothing at all. You likely just made that all up.