Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ahhh...and so it begins!

Round 1 Begins!

I was pleased to see that Conservative Party has fought back today against all of Ignatieff's constant threats of forcing an election over Employment Insurance reform! The CPC is correct in is stance that Canada cannot afford to amend the EI qualifications to allow benefits after a mere 45 days of work! I believe that the EI system is valuable and has its place in our society, and while I feel for those Canadians that have lost their jobs, the Liberal math is absurd.

Ignatieff would be foolish to force an election over this issue now. How will he find the time to promote his new book? ( And I see that he is in 5th place on the Canadian Best-Sellers list, behind #3- Ezra Levant's "Shakedown".) Come now Iggy, you cant even sell your own will you sell your party?

I love the "aggressive" TV ad that was just released.

Personally, I cannot wait for round 2. Perhaps its time to go and get a new pair or running shoes for the upcoming campaign? ( I think Iggy will back off once he realizes his reasoning is foolish, but thats jsut my opinion.)

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