Friday, May 15, 2009

Jason Kenney awarded Maclean's Parliamentarian of the Year!

I received a surprise phone call from a fellow member of the Calgary Southeast Conservative EDA on Wednesday night, calling to let me know that our MP, The Honourable Jason Kenney, had just received Maclean's award for Parliamentarian of the Year! Having worked on Jason's board over the past year, I feel that this is an excellent choice.

Jason has proven time and time again that he is a man of principle and he never wavers from his positions. His passion for the Immigration portfolio is unquestioned and he is the best MP for the job. It is a thankless position, as every statement and interview seems to create some sort of unwarranted controversy, but Mr. Kenney always represents Canadians values.

Mr. Kenney has brought some interesting ideas into the Immigration portfolio and has proven that the CPC is a party for all Canadians. New Canadians are getting the message that the values of the CPC truly reflect their own values ( Hard work, low taxes, tough crime stances.) and that the Conservative Party can be a home for them.

I believe that Mr. Kenney is likely one of the hardest working MP's in Canada. If you look into his work schedule, I am amazed how he finds the energy to keep it up? That said, he is also to be commended as an excellent representative in our riding. Jason is frequently attending Board meetings, community functions and local events, even with his challenging schedule.

Personally, I am proud of Mr.Kenney's accomplishments and believe he should be applauded for them.

The award is just in my opinion!

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