Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette... What our Government can learn from The Flintstones and China!

Hilarious! No wonder kids in my father's generation smoked at 10 & 11 years old!

Perhaps the Canadian Government can use similar methods to get kids smoking earlier today? Just think of all of the taxes that they are losing out on! Especially in progressive Alberta, where the government recently increased the "sin" taxes as a measure to bolster their annual revenue. ( Or was is designed to force people to quite smoking? I am not quite clear on that...)

Earlier this week, I came across a great news story from China. A local county government is demanding that local officials ( likely including Police Officers, Teachers etc.) to up their smoking purchases or faces potential fines. ALL IN THE NAME OF RAISING TAX REVENUES!

You see, if the Chinese government can come up with such wonderful ideas, I am sure that our fine governments can follow suit and propose a similarcreative measures!

Lets all smoke our way out of the recession together, one puff at a time!

( Disclaimer: I am being sarcastic here and would never condone the smoking of cigarettes by children. I am a future non-smoker myself...)

Anyways.... Happy Thursday Everyone! ( I'm off for a smoke myself....)


  1. See - another Tory who thinks the Flintstones was a documentary!

  2. Oh my...too funny! Now you see why people believe that Humans and Dinosaurs lived together at the same time. ( And the dino's just made their lives so much easier!)