Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Don" Andre (Soprano) Chabot protects his turf

In a previous post, I sarcastically compared City Halls actions on the ward re-drawing issue akin to the old Mafia Commissions. If this theory holds true, than I guess the new "Boss of Bosses" is Don Andre Chabot.

In an amazing ( well I guess not really) turn of events, Alderman (Don) Andre Chabot has succeeded in putting aside the Returning Officers recommendations with respect to the redrawing of Calgary's ward maps and "protected his home turf". In one of the funniest statements I have heard all year, Don Chabot responded that losing his ward boundaries "would make it difficult to get re-elected." Do you know what else makes it hard to get re-elected? Perhaps being a mediocre representative and political opportunist?

After being a frequent loser in past Aldermanic campaigns, Chabot realizes that he just does not really have a lot of support. I think he is counting on the Incumbent/Name Recognition factor to carry him through in 2010. Be careful what you wish for Andre, as hopefully people will remember you for your gerrymandering ways. Hopefully you saved the riding for a better candidate next election.

I am just curious how he gained enough support for this? Perhaps Chabot knows where the skeletons are....

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  1. I think it is important we point out all the people who supported this as well and those who are just as guilty. Those who voted to allow this to go through out of 4 other alternatives should be just as guilty. Aldermen Farrell and Hawkesworth traded minor territories and should just be accountable to their actions. I am not pleased at all about the behavior of this backwards council.