Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mark Dyrholm's last stab at attention, before he goes back into obscurity...

 How Embarrassing. 

 I caught wind on Twitter about Mark ( The Media is unfair and out to get me) Dyrholm and his whining about the media's bias towards Danielle Smith.  This is is just absurd.  I do not care who Danielle Smith used to work with or what station her husband works for now,  as it just does not matter in this case.  Does the Dyrholm team seriously think that that the Alberta/National media is really out to get him and his 'conservative" ways.  Mark is truly "jumping the shark" here and realizes that he cannot win the Wildrose Alliance Leadership, so is trying to create a last minute issue for his poorly run campaign.  Either that, or it is a poor, poor attempt at mimicking Wayne Gretzky's famous "nobody wants us to win" speech in the 2002 Olympics.

 To be honest, this blogger has also been accused of being biased against Mark.  Many times in fact.  The truth is, I do not believe for a minute that the "Media" is out to get him.  In my opinion, I would not want to put a live camera in his face on the 6pm News.  I have seen Bingo Callers that have more charisma and a better cadence to their voice.  Remember last month when Charles Adler called him Mark "DRY-Holm"....he was dead on my friends.  Adler also stated that he was accused of not giving him equal time, but declared that the man did not make a good enough phone in caller, let alone "radio guest"....yikes.

  Before you blame the media for you lack of attention, perhaps he would consider getting some sleep before going on TV...or at the very least, borrow he could some of his wife's eye cream.  At least then, he would look a little more presentable and perhaps get some more interviews. 

Also, I wonder how many "interviews" Mark has been told to turn down, because the source was not "friendly enough" to his campaign. 

Good Luck to you.  After Saturday, you will be back to manipulation.  Manipulating backs that is...and not the Alberta Voter.  I guess running was not such a good idea?

The video can be found at the Calgary SE News blog.

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  1. Now that was quick. It is very good of you to provide coverage, I take back my comment of you working for CanWest.LOL It is too bad he did not take the high road. He is well spoken has a great understanding on policy. For some reason feels he needs to attack someone. Has everyone really been unfair? I don't think so.

  2. Shane,

    Another wonderful commentary.

    The votes are not cast and Mark is very much in this race.

    Win or lose Mark will not disappear.

    Quite frankly, if Mark was not in the race and it was just Danielle the media attention would not have been there to the degree it has been.

    This race has done great things for our party and both Danielle and Mark deserve some praise for that.

  3. Hit it on the head, Shane. My opinion is that this is just the next step in Chandler's exit strategy, since Dyrholm and CC now must realize they have lost. Blame the party? Check! Blame the Danielle Smith team? Check! Blame an independent blogger? Check! Blame the media? Check!
    Interesting how they would never think to blame themselves for their failure.

  4. I thought they had media, money and manpower? Or was that last time?

  5. Indeed, he's run a poor campaign and has been looking desperately for a scapegoat (e.g., Calgary Herald, bloggers, etc.) ... anyone but himself, of course.

    I agree that Mark shouldn't have to disappear. I'm sure he'll make a good MLA one day, but he's not leadership material -- not by a long shot. Not now, not in a million years.

    Sorry, the truth can hurt, but it must be told.

  6. A win might not be sufficient at least in the short term for Smith. She has portrayed herself as someone who can create another big-tent alternative to the Liberals, I mean PCs. I wonder myself how much of the attraction of Smith is simply the style she exhibits in front on a microphone. However, the contrast in communication ability between Stelmach/Swann and herself is just too striking.