Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Rants on a Cold October Morning!

 Well welcome back winter!  Yikes!  After a record high less than 3 weeks ago, Calgary has plunged into the ice once again.  Hopefully it will be a winter filled with safe commutes, clear roads and many long Chinooks! I thought I would share some random thoughts....

  •  I FINALLY got my blog to work properly, even though it took over a month!  Thanks to Nicole for answering my twitter "cry for help" and showing me how to fix it in one email!  She has a neat blog for all of you parents out there...check it out at

  • It looks like the Wildrose Alliance Party's surge in membership has caused some issues in ensuring that all of the ballots were sent to the members in a timely manner.  From some of the "frantic" press releases and emails that I have seen, it sure looks like many of the ballots will not make it to the vote on time.  I wonder which candidate this will benefit from this?  I am sure one of the groups already has a private mail truck ready to drive to each church, seniors home and private residence in Alberta to pick up their candidate's ballots.  If they do not figure it out, it would look kind of silly for Alberta's "party in waiting".   It should be interesting!  Thoughts?

  •  I had the opportunity to head to Great Falls, MT for the first time ever this past weekend!  I was amazed at this small town and would love to go back.  We were on a mission for cheap baby clothes for our upcoming birth in late December.  The deals were amazing, the city was clean and safe and I would recommend it to anyone.  I also noticed how friendly all of the retail/restaurant service staff was when you compare it to Calgary.  After pondering it for a while, my guess is that the service is better for the following reasons... 1) They are happy to have a JOB in the battered USA economy.  2) They understand that Canadians "bread their butter", so to speak.  Looking around, I would assume that Canadian tourism is likely one of their biggest economic industries. 

Stay warm and drive safe!


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  1. Part of being an effective organization is planning for growth and how to accommodate it. This is only one of many tests the Wildrose Alliance Party is going to face in its quest to be viewed as the government in waiting. If one of the campaigns has arranged for mail trucks, busses, etc., good on them - at least they planned ahead by analyzing all of the possible scenarios and solutions to the potential problems.

    I'm all for silver linings and being positive and encouraging - but those things don't win a leadership race or an election.

    The WAP still has to overcome a lot of "ifs."

  2. I was reading on the Capital Notebook blog that Paul Hinman had himself sworn in on his 'book of Mormon'. So this is an attribute that he doesn't mind people knowing about.

    I came across a disturbing cartoon, apparently produced by the Mormon church. I NEED to know if he believes this stuff!

  3. Anon 3:08pm..that is one odd video. Does it matter what he believes? I do not think his religion has anything to do with his ability to be an ineffective MLA.

  4. Good one, Shane. I presume that your last sentence was not a typo? I think his effectiveness as an MLA was demonstrated by his loss in 2008. He must have been really bad at representing his constituents to get turfed after only one term, especially in that constituency.

    I actually do think it matters what he believes IF (and only if) his Party forms Government at some future date and he has influence at that time.

  5. No Typo, lol. I meant Ineffective! :)


  6. Good post Shane, and congrats on the upcoming bundle.

    Parenthood is way more fun, and surprising, than politics.

  7. Thanks Breakenridge! It should be a blast..!