Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alnoor Kassam is Running for Mayor of Calgary...Part Two! ( Warning: Creepy Colouring Picture Attached)

  Alnoor Kassam will announce on Monday June 28, 2010 that he will be running for Mayor in the Calgary 2010 Municipal Election.  Many people remember Alnoor's name and face from the 2007 ( Go Alnoor!)  election, in which he placed a distant, distant second to Dave Bronconnier.  Alnoor was a newcomer to the City and its politics then, and he shocked the public by spending an estimated $1,000,000 of his own money. ( Yes...his own money.) 

 Alnoor's press release appears to lack any vision or idea's.  In fact, there is so much attention to explaining the issues that have added to his bad press image over the past 3 years that you really have to wonder why so much attention is focused on this?  I am not an expert, but I cannot understand why his group does not focus on Alnoor's ideas and what he will do when he "take's back the City" as opposed to cleansing his media image on a campaign release?

Here are some snippets of the release...

And in a funny ( creepy?....) last page....

I thought colouring pages were standard on all Mayoraly Campaign press releases?  Is that a Bra or a pair of glasses?  Please confirm....

Good Luck Alnoor!  The more the merrier....


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  1. This guy is a loon who insults Calgarians' intelligence.

    He obviously wasted a lot of money last time, got NO bang for his buck, and evidently he is back at it again. Imagine how much waste and stupidity would be unleashed at city hall if this bozo got in?

  2. I would have voted for this guy last time but ,as I was strolling through a cemetary one morning,I noticed that he had posted campaign signs within its boundries.So I thought a guy with this level of consideration and sensativity really doesnt need a job as the city's CEO.