Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Calgary Stampede Parade Marshals...Jet and Cord? Who's Next...?

Remember when the Stampede Parade Marshal was someone relevant and/or important?  Me neither.....its been so long since Calgary has had a high profile person to lead the parade.  It seems that the list of parade marshals chosen just keeps getting stranger and more obscure each year.  I mean seriously, is the parade so low profile now that no famous people want to accept the position? What happened to the prestige of the Calgary Stampede Parade Marshal?
 Some of the past dignitaries and marshals include the following:
  •  Robert Kennedy
  • Roy Rogers
  • Prince Charles and Prince Andrew
  • Walt Disney
  • Bob Hope and Bing Crosby
  • Mickey Mouse.
 Some of the recent picks have been so disappointing, that I think that the Stampede Parade brand has been tarnished.  And as a proud Calgarian, I am embarrassed to say it. 

 This years selection, Amazing Race contestants, Jet and Cord McCoy, continue the tradition of poor choices.  I watched the Amazing Race this season and these gentleman seem like genuine great cowboys and nice guys.  But being a cowboy and appearing on reality TV should not get you on a Calgary Stampede parade float, never mind becoming the Marshal. 

 I think the Parade committee should consider the following people for the shortlist for Parade Marshal 2011...

1) Bob from Accounting?
2) An extra from episode 12 of Little House On The Prairie?
3) My friend Joe, who likes Alberta Beef.
4) Balki Bartokomous from TV's  Perfect Strangers
5) Dora the Explorer.
6) The Littlest Hobo's great great great great great grandpuppy.

Thank god we get the parade morning off because I cannot wait to watch Jet and Cord lead the parade.  I will be the one on my couch with the paper bag over my head.

Who are your picks for next year?


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  1. This choice and the several poor choices previously should instantly disqualify the board from choosing marshals.

    There have to be Canadians who have distinguished themselves first of all and secondly in admirable ways: reality shows are not admirable; they are simply means of numbing the collective mind - and the Stampede board should consider that specifically as their annual event becomes more and more a big fat corporate affair that has nothing at all to do with the history of this city and everything to do with pandering to an AMERICAN style of events.

    And by the way, BUDWEISER sucks ass. WHY oh WHY does the excellent, non-american, locally created, locally-based Big Rock Brewery not have the Stampede contract???

    The Stampede board needs only to look as far as the people of Calgary to find individuals who contribute to the city and its culture. I suspect, to start, the Board could find many an excellent doctor or nurse at the Children's Hospital - professionals whose contributions mean someone's child lives.

    I'd say THAT is vastly more honourable, interesting and LOCAL than to american yahoos.

    Then again, maybe the Stampede Board is into the whole Brokeback Mountain zeitgeist?

  2. seriously?? this is who they picked?? I was hoping for one of this years Olympic medalists..

  3. Hmmm... Let's see now Shane and and what's your name Tampatha??? What's not relevant about having a couple of cowboys being parade marshalls for a western event? And if you had caught any of the AR episodes you would of seen them as the type of cowboy that this event was built on. Kind, geuine, gentlemen, that tipped a hat to a lady. The kind of men that were polite and respectful of folk of all ages.The type of men the treated people well.Now you tell me Tampatha...when you go to the stampede grounds these days do you see many young men or women their age treat people that same way? Now I don't care where they're from but if that's how they treat people, they're welcome in my parade any day!!!

  4. I so agree with the previous post from Anonymous....i met Jet & Cord tonight at a Stampede function and was very excited and honored to do so. They have been the nicest team ever on The Amazing Race and their character is something people should strive towards instead of criticizing. And speaking of 'Real Cowboys' - one of the brothers is riding in the bull event the same day as the parade. Hmmmm....if i want to see Mickey Mouse - I'll go to Disney Land....Give me a break - this is a Stampede people - not an amusement park. Stampede Supporter!

  5. I kind of don't care WHO leads the parade. I mean it's a couple of hours of a day. On a pageant. Especially these days that so many animals die in each Stampede. How many horses did we lose last year? Less than the nine in 2005 I guess. Anyhow, I see no reason why dignitaries would give a hoot about a cowboy rodeo at least in the solemn spirit that you seem to require. And I totally agree with

    If it were my choice I'd get local nominees voted on by hmmm, residents of Calgary? Say someone from Avenue's Top 40 Under 40 or something.

    My second choice would totally be Balki though.

  6. Good gravy.

    People who bemoan the selection of the McCoy brothers as marshals need to be reminded that much as it is our local annual whoop-up, the Stampede is also about entertainment and tourism. Jet and Cord have attained a global profile with their participation in the Amazing Race, and so while they are not local, they support and contribute very well to the show-biz and tourism aspects of our big wingding.

    As far as nationality goes, well, how much does it matter? We think globally these days, and after all, we bill the Stampede as "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" . . . not in Canada. And in case it has escaped Shane's notice, none of the famous Stampede dignitaries highlighted in his blog -- Robert Kennedy, Walt Disney, et al -- are Canadian.

    I would much rather see the Marshals' seats occupied by the likes of Jet and Cord, who competed in the Amazing Race with great style, honor, and dignity, than by stuffy rich British royalty, or arrogant rich movie celebs. And as much as I respect the invaluable contributions made by so many Calgarians, it is sheer folly to think they would be appropriate parade marshals.

    Our City and Stampede Board spend millions of dollars every year trying to broaden the geographic appeal and draw of this pivotal event, so choosing well-respected public faces with a broad global fan base makes perfect sense to me. Jet and Cord will be great parade marshals, and we should consider ourselves lucky we got 'em.

  7. Calgary could try to get these two guys... they should be available soon...


    Enjoy those pancakes.

  8. Haha - stumbled on your blog while googling these cowboys - thought I was missing somthing. Nope.

    Glad I'm not alone!

  9. ummm - Jet and Cord - yes they were on a reality show but they are also world champion bull riders! So please - I think they are a great choice and quite relevant! Rant about something more interesting!


    That is all.