Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fun! Insert Your Own Druh Farrell Caption!

  I came across this photo of Calgary Ward 7 Alderman Druh Farrell and could not help but laugh.  The picture really is priceless!  Apart from both of them spending most of their time in space, they have both proven to really be irrelevant over the past few years.  Poor Spock.  The only thing worse would be a pic with Bronco.

 I cant help but imagine the endless "insert caption here" possibilities!

Mine would be.... " Druh, you remind me of a Klingon gal I used to know...."

Feel free to share your own! 

Happy Friday!


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  1. "May the flow be with you."

    Oh never mind, wrong space show.... ;)

  2. man you guys are immature

  3. "Beam me off the Big Blue Borg, Spock... Stat!"

  4. "Ambassador Spock meets Druh from the planet Calatrava... a proud people, Calatravinians are opposed to competing bids and staying on budget."

    It's just a joke so hopefully I don't take any heat over it! Have a good weekend Shane!

  5. If you're going to be blogging about politics and have something to say about it, it better be some what intelligent and thoughtful. Just simply stating that Druh Farrell is "irrelevant" without explaining your point of view is immature at best.

    I'd find it hard to take you (Shane) seriously both personally and intellectually, if you ever ran as some sort of political member.

    How did this blog help any body?

    Moreover, I'm sure that this page is filled with countless and pointless other blogs: I took the time out of my day to read this garbage and I'm worse off for it.

    Next time have some pride in what you publish

  6. Hi Anon 4:54..thanks for commenting. Take a moment to read the disclaimer on my blog, maybe the title also...when you are done, grab a dictionary and look up "Parody"...

    Relax...its all good. Smile sometime, I am sure you will really enjoy it~!


  7. Seriously....Are you actually a Calgarian Shane?
    If you aren't happy with Druh, don't elect her. Sometimes people of little intellect forget that they are writing about human beings. I think you need therapy Shane. Move on the other things. Frankly, this is pretty boring.

  8. Spock are you happy to see me, or is that your Phaser!