Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who Is Running for Alderman in Calgary Ward 13? ( aka.. The Ward No One Seems To Care About?)

  Many of us are getting excited about the upcoming 2010 Calgary Municipal Election!  As a blogger I am finding that this election is going to be exciting due to the many different and interesting races that are shaping up across the city.  Taking a quick look at http://www.calgarydemocracy.ca/ you can see that there are some very interesting candidates that have come forward to contest many of the Aldermanic seats this year.  After reviewing a ton of the information, I notice that there is one ward that no one is really talking about....Ward 13!

 Ward 13 is has been represented by Diane Colley-Urquhart since they year 2000.  There is speculation that she is considering a run at the Mayor's chair this year and while I am not sure if it is authorized or not, there is even a new twitter group called 'Friends of Diane" pushing her to run for mayor.  The Twitter account states a tag line of " Diane Colley-Urquhart has served Calgary as a great Alderman. Lets get her to be the next Mayor of Calgary!" and with 9 followers, I am not sure if this is the push they are looking for.  ( However, with the recent surge in "fake" twitter accounts, I am not sure if this is even from Diane's group?)  So if Diane is considering a run at the top job, who will replace her in Ward 13?

 It would appear that nobody is even talking about this ward and I am at a loss as to why?  Usually, you will see the "sharks" circling at this type of opportunity to win a ward that may be potentially vacated by a powerful incumbent, but not this term?  I have not even heard any rumours about any candidates that were planning to run against Diane in the first place?  Perhaps most people feel that Diane has done such and excellent job that they cannot win against her?  Maybe they feel that they cannot raise the necessary funds or volunteers to compete with her longtime supporters and strong financial backing?  If you look at the history of Ward 13 elections, her popularity  ( 2 acclamation's and a sound thumping of her two opponents in 2007!) is pretty obvious. 

 Either way, I am curious to see who will come out of the woodwork if and when she declares her Mayoral candidacy.  I think that any potential replacement candidates had better get to work on their community door knocking!  If she does step aside, perhaps this will be the ward to watch.  If not, I seriously doubt that she will get any serious challengers again. 


Your thoughts? 

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  1. I live in dianes ward and think she has done a superb job as alderman. I would be sad to see her leave ward 13 but would be thrilled with her as mayor. Her track record is proven and she would lead this city well. Go Diane go!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Shane. We are new to Twitter but are learning as we go, but we do know that Diane is the best choice for mayor. Our group can hardly wait until she announces and we look forward to helping her become the next mayor of Calgary! Check us out on twitter @friendsofdiane

  3. ARE YOU JOKING???? No one will vote for her. Alderman or Mayor. She's done. Everyone I've talked to is through with the current council!!!!

  4. I recently moved to Ward 13 and was looking on Diane's website. Finding it hard to see what she supports really. Do you know of anywhere I can look which would show what she's voted for in the past and what she's done in council previously?

    I have to say I'm inclined to say we need a whole new city council. Not really pleased with the direction our city is taking!

  5. It's time for a change in Ward 13 as it's obvious Ms. Colley-Urquhart is looking for a change as she ran in the last Provincial election, my concern is will she run in the next Federal election & if she wins a seat then we will have to have a by-election & at whose cost, we the taxpayer, lol. It's no wonder our voter turn out is so low at all levels of Government, I still vote as I believe people fought to make Canada a free country & it is our democratic right that people should vote, however how do you get people out to vote when a large percentage of the electorate including allot of our youth feel that most politicians are painted with the same brush, they are there to help themselves, their friends & those people & companies that contribute to their campaign fund, lol, but it's true, look at our current Governments both Federally & Provincially. I wonder who Stephen Harper will pay off next to get his way.
    Although it's tough to find a honest candidate, I still vote, I think our governments at all levels should do what Australia does & that is fine individuals that do not vote.
    Get out & vote Calgarians.