Monday, August 17, 2009

Calgary Glenmore By-Election date set! Great turnout at Diane Colley-Urquhart's HQ

Finally! The September 14 by-election date for the Calgary Glenmore was announced today! I had the opportunity to attend the press conference at Diane CU's Headquarters this afternoon and it was a spirited affair. Even with less than two hours notice, there were approximately 30-40 supporters and at least a half dozen MLA's in attendance.

Diane gave a great speech and confirmed her commitment to the people of Calgary Glenmore. Jonathan Denis also had some supportive comments and ensured that the supporters realized that every vote will count in this election! I never once got the sense that the party is taking this riding for granted.

Diane's team is very organized, well run and really has the feeling of inclusiveness. There were people from all demographics groups there and they are all passionate supporters.

Well...the hum-drum summer of blogging may be over! Now we have something to talk about!



  1. I thought your post on Naheed was more interesting than this by-election. I want to see what goes on during their campaign and blog about it. I have some free time now...

  2. Naheed Nenshi is the last guy I'd ever vote for any public office.

  3. Really Shane? Dianne? I always though you were a little more conservative than this. The comments on pembina, double dipping jobs, and the HRC, tell me you are joking. She should finish the job she was elected to do. IMAO.

  4. Hi Alt..thanks for the post. I have been getting some unexpected flak for this position. However..those who know me, know that I am loyal to a fault. I am still a proud ( although sometimes frustrated) member of the Alberta PC Party. I also truly believe that she is the best candidate in Calgary Glenmore. Like I said Alt, this is why I love your it brings another position in!

  5. re "30-40 supporters", as I noted on my blog this is contradicted by the Calgary Herald, which suggests more like 13 or 14.

  6. Hi Brian, check Albert Altruist site for my comments about this. Thanks!