Sunday, August 23, 2009

Truth Be told....I am The Enlightened Savage...( Anyone else?)

Well, not really...

There is a lot of banter today about the true identity of fellow blogger The Enlightened Savage!
While the debate over who the real E.S. is continues, I would hate to see this blog disappear, so.... I will come out and take the fall.
I am also the Enlightened Savage...
I saw a ES Impersonator today at 7-11 buying a slurpee with Elvis... did anyone else catch this?
Is any other blogger out there the Enlightened Savage? Anyone...?


  1. Shane,
    Wishful thinking, trying to take credit for good writing. We all know that it is a group of different people, your not going to try and take all the credit are you?

  2. I am sure it is Davberta's alter ego. Look at the writing.

  3. I am the Enlightened Savage! :)

    Great post btw. Glad to see people care about the ES Nation.

  4. Lol..Damn, I forgot that nobody that ever read this blog would beleive it! Unless they thought I was his illiterate alter ego...

    Although...have you noticed that since I started this blog, E.S's posts have slowed down? Coincidence? Lol...