Wednesday, August 19, 2009

McCarthyism & Why the Wildrose Alliance will never succeed...!

McCarthyism: McCarthyism is the politically motivated practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. The term is also now used more generally to describe reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries.

While the above term is a little dated it seems fitting given some of the blog posts recently by various WAP supporters. Realizing the enormous importance of the Calgary Glenmore By-Election, some WAP supporters have taken an odd strategy to discredit the PC Candidate. In a state of fear ( or panic) they have decided to attack Diance CU's political belief's by trying to make her come off as a CARD CARRYING LIBERAL. ( Also, the "bimbo" references are so tacky".) Weak...Weak...Weak strategy...

While it is fine to dig through and try to find some "dirt" on her, they are truly missing the big picture here:

Wildrose Alliance Members... the people that actually ELECT candidates ( ie. The Average Voter) REALLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR MCCARTHYISM ATTACKS. This may work in a few riding's, but trust me....your efforts are being wasted. The average person does not sit around the water cooler and say "so...who do you think is a Liberal in the PC Caucus". It really is shameful and embarrassing to your party. But please...keep it up, it really is a good time waster.

In my opinion, this is why this party, under its current leadership, will never prosper in Alberta. And the WAP honestly thinks that the PC party is "out of touch"...?

Even I have gotten some heat from other WAP supporters for my loyalty to the PC Party...check out Brian Dell's Comment about me here: While it is one thing for a federal Tory supporter to fail to support the Wildrose Alliance, it is another to be enthusiastically volunteering to campaign against us.

Excuse Me? Just because I am a member of the Conservative Party of Canada I automatically must support the fringe WAP? When did this happen?

People that know me will confirm that I am as loyal as they come. I am a proud PC member and Conservative Party of Canada member. I am also proud to sit on my local boards and volunteer for every charity or fundraising event possible. But...I guess I must really be "liberal" because I do not support the WAP. Give me a break....

I find it so odd that these WAP supporters are so passionate about discrediting other people's CONSERVATISM, yet they do not realize the split in their own "party". Perhaps their efforts would be better spent volunteering for thier own cause. Maybe this way, they would have some success at the ballot box.

I cannot wait to start knocking on some doors for Diane...I grew up in Glenmore and know it well.



  1. If you're campaigning for someone other than a WAP candidate, you're a liberal... a conservative of convenience... a heretic to the cause, dishonest, untrustworthy, etc.

    If you're not WITH us, you're AGAINST us.

    Remember, young padawan... only a Sith deals in absolutes...

    Savage-Wan Kenobi

  2. Personally I think it is great when people get passionate about the party they support. I can do without the name calling, but I will state if I believe there are liberal views. Good for you for helping out Dianne (you know my thoughts of her), I will continue to be out in the riding supporting Paul. If you have met him he is a hard working individual with very conservative views. This is why the WRA gets the attack and not the candidate, everyone knows his commitment. What is funny is the WRA is made up of discontented ex-PC party members probably the very same ones who supported your party until they swung too far left. Shane what do you think would have happened if Morton was voted premier...We both know the answer to this one.

  3. The WAP is so George Bush like. If you are not for us you must be against us. What about being for freedom and independent thought and democracy?

    I feel sorry for Danielle. She had her own good reasons to leave the PC party but to join and want to lead this bunch - if she wins they will come after her like the Republicans are doing at the US Town Hall health reform meetings.

    Too many of these WAP people are a throwback to a time of internal party terrorism like McCarthyism is very scary but not surprising and can happen in Alberta. It will not be fear of Communism but will sacrifice the environment because of their belief in the infallibility of the marketplace. Greed is good and Green is heresy.

    Stelmach is irrationally scared of them but they are still a presence without a progressive counter-balance. If the progressives in the PC party were as engaged in the politics of Alberta as these throwbacks are - Bill 44 would never have happened.

  4. " If the progressives in the PC party were as engaged in the politics of Alberta as these throwbacks are - Bill 44 would never have happened."

    Throwbacks? If the PC party was engaged in Alberta Politics as we are, we would not exist we would still be members of the party!

  5. BTW I don't think you are a liberal for not supporting the WRA, I think your a liberal because you don't know which end is up on your signs! Hopefully your doing the yard signs for DCU.
    These posts need a little more humour. If I had feelings you could of hurt them.

  6. Thanks everyone for your posts! Alt..I did not intend this to be directed at you directly. ( In fact, you have been quite fair to me!) I apologize if you felt this way. As for the signs...I was actually showing off the shirt, as per our previous

  7. Shane,

    I have respect for your choices and for the people you support.

    While we may disagree on the provincial front we all need to work together municipally and federally.

    It is unfortunate some have their passions turn into intolerance of others.

    I hope I have never made you feel uncomfortable or attacked and if I have, I am sorry.

  8. I was reading the comments and all set to launch. Then I got to Chandler and read something I never believed I would read. Their polls must show them very close to Danielle if Craig's being nice...go Dyrholm!!!

  9. No worries, I not one you would be able to work up.I more wanted to take a stab at your photo again as well as ensure you are on her sign detail. If people do not offend each other with their views, how can there be a hearty debate?
    (Psst. Just to let you know this is what the AHRC wants to take away, don't tell anyone)LOL

  10. The WRAP needs to figure out their message in Calgary-Glenmore and stay on it! Is it Send Ed a Message, Diane's a Liberal or It's Not Fair!

    I'm just sayin'

  11. Note that none of the three message suggestions include: "Vote for me, Paul Hinman, because I will be a good representative", or "vote WAP for positive change/good gov't/yaddah yaddah".

    No positive messaging. All negative. Ask the Republicans how well that worked in November.

  12. Wildrose Alliance = only real option for real conservatives.

    PC = liberals and lefties, led by a fool who has managed to look Hugo Chavez halfway competent!

  13. Ah, Werner. Always the voice of reason. I think you make Shane's point for him, in your usual semi-literate manner.

  14. Do you really think its a smart move to point out the diversity in the Wildrose Party? Even though Colley-Urquhart was one of the better city councillors, what good is another Stelmach sock-puppet in Edmonton? The WAP should concentrate on Stelmach himself and his Dion-esque bungling.