Monday, August 24, 2009

Sickest Headline ever... "Dad says Jenkins died terrified and alone"...


I saw the following Calgary Sun headline today and it really made me a little angry... "Dad says Jenkins died terrified and alone."

I must be a real As*hole, because I just do not feel one bit sorry for this chap. He died terrified and alone? What about his Wife? I wonder if she was TERRIFIED and ALONE right before he killed her?

Pops is upset because Jr. could not call anyone because the "phones were all tapped"....well maybe if he had turned himself in he would have at least had his "one phone call"!

Just sickening...


  1. There was a commenter on a CBC article blaming Steven Harper for Jenkins death and the cruel harsh justice system that drove him to it. Says a great deal about CBC followers.

    I am thrilled that Jenkins removed himseld from the gene-pool before harming more people. It is too bad this his suicidal thoughts did not precede his murderous ones.

    Just today I see we have released a repeat rapist into the Calgary public on bail yet again. Would we really have been able to keep Jenkins in jail until he was extradited? The world is a better place with Jenkins dead and I will shed no tears for his fate. As far as I can see, the only good thing Jenkins did in his life was the last thing he did.

  2. Hey Cory, thanks for posting ( and thanks for the bloglink...) I agree with you..what a waste of skin. As for this being the PM's fault...there are always those kind of nutjobs out there..what a joke!

  3. Personally i Think he took the cowardly way out killing himself. His family should maybe be thinking about his wife's family. the life their son took from them. Died alone and terrified, he died a coward.

  4. Shane,

    I agree IF this guy is gulity I agree with all that you say.

    Maybe it is just me, but, I doubt quite a bit of what I read. I simply do not trust the media.

    He has been convicted by the media.

    If the media came out tomorrow and said you were a pedophile, it would not matter if it were true. You would be one in the eyes of everyone.

    He may very well be guilty and if so, he carried out capital punishment out on himself and did us all a favour.

    I do not let the media tell me who to vote for and I do not jump to conclusions.

  5. Craig, if he did not have a proven past of violence towards women I would be thinking more along your lines on this one. No, he indeed has not been proven guilty in a court and I do understand that the media is far from always being accurate. The charges and conviction in this man's past make it extremely unlikely thst he is innocent in this case.

    The public evidence so far looks pretty clear however and I am comfortable condemning this man at this point. Should it be proven otherwise I will certainly retract my conclusions.

  6. As always, thanks for reading.

    I hope you saw our front page today as well.



  7. This is a tragedy all around but no matter what, ryan jenkins was still a son to someone and he obviously was terrified and alone and sick. How else could he have committed murder? I feel sorry for everyone this has affected Obviously ryan jenkins deserved to be brought to justice for his crime but not by a mob mentality carrying torches and pitchforks.

  8. What bothered me the most was the removal of teeth and nails. Killing someone in the heat of the moment is almost more understandeable than mutilation. That's just extra sick. I too am glad he's a genetic dead end...