Monday, August 17, 2009

Mr. Nenshi...How do you get a free campaign ad in the Calgary Herald?

I had a little chuckle this weekend when I saw that WAP Leadership Candidate Danielle Smith had a great response to Naheed Nenshi's article ( advertisement) regarding political party lables. This topic got started on Twitter of all places and spread to the MSM pretty quickly.

Now, most of the blogs I read just seem to love Mr. Nenshi and his Better Calgary Campaign. He must also have a wonderful readership following in the Herald, as they seem to print one of his "manifesto's" every other week. Seeing that Naheed ran unsuccessfully in the last municipal election, one would assume that he is grateful for the free advertising that these weekly columns provide for his 2010 Aldermanic run? I mean, what aspiring politician would not love the opportunity to have your name and picture in the paper every week? I am sure the name recognition factor will help him in his next campaign for sure. ( To be fair, Danielle Smith also had a regular column in the Herald, but this was before she left her previous job to run for the Leadership.)

Can you imaging the PGIB chaps with a weekly article? Oh my...that would definitely sell some papers. ( Or drive away advertisers...?)

Now, I would jump at this chance in a second...but unfortunately, I cannot write and have nothing to say I guess!

Maybe if we come up with a creative group name, we can legitimize our cause and get a weekly guest blogger article? What do you think?



  1. I would think Naheed will need all of the free publicity he can get. Anyone in Alberta who thinks political branding doesn't matter is mistaken. The PC,Lib, and NDP have policy in place to ensure that the party whip is followed. If you look at Guy (whether he deserved it or not) he is a perfect example of what happens if you fail to tow the party line. Naheeds asenine comments shows he is only posturing (maybe to take away heat from his liberal involvement), if not he shows a lack of knowledge which should be looked at.
    Let me know what you call your group name Shane, maybe you could do the articles for PGIB. LOL

  2. Shane,

    The Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the CFIB, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and the BCC all have columns.

    We have never thought about asking for one. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I don't really see it as "manifesto" or "advertising". The Herald merely does what any reasonable publication does: open up the floor for a diversity of opinions.

    Still, Nenshi's attacks on Danielle and his arguments were silly -- childish even, I'd say. Danielle's response, however, was simply perfect!

  4. Naheed is simply trying to hide his leftist colours. Danielle makes no bones about her over-ideological bent that also will never sell.

  5. Quick correction: Naheed Nenshi didn't run in the last civic election.

    I'm not sure if this changes your posts' thesis though as I too wouldn't be surprised if he runs in 2010.