Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Interview with Calgary 2010 Ward 12 Alderman Candidate Al Browne

This is a continuation of a series of interviews that I will post about local candidates that are running in the 2010 Calgary municipal election. I do not endorse any of the candidates necessarily, unless stated otherwise. The intent is to allow the candidates a forum in which they can share some of their views.

This interview is with Al Browne, who will be running for Alderman in Ward 12 this term.  I decided to shake it up a little and do a video interview! 

I had the opportunity to do this interview with Al this week and talk to him about some of his views.  I sit on a local board with Al, but have not had the opportunity to get to know him well.  Looking at his resume/CV, I was amazed at the depth of his community volunteer work and business background.  Al's philthanthropy is legendary and I am impressed when business people give back to their communities. 

 Taking a look at Al's website, http://www.albrowne.ca/, I noticed he received a glowing endorsement from Calgary SE MP, The Honourable Jason Kenney!  This endorsement is pretty powerful as it is usually rare for a candidate to received such a high profile supporter. 

Here is a short video interview: ( Sorry for the two videos...YouTube has a maximum 10 Minute length!) 

And Part 2....

I got a real chuckle out of the fact that Al is actually door knocking on crutches, when some candidates in this election have yet to hit the doors!

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  1. I really appreciate these interviews with candidates on your site. In particular the video interviews help me to get a better feel for the candidate and his approach. Thank you!

  2. I met Al tonight knocking on doors in New Brighton. You're right, none of the other candidates have come by...but there's Al walking the neighbourhood on crutches.

  3. So you are basing your decision to vote for Al because he pounded the street on crutches.... Come on! You are frightening me here!