Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The CalgaryPolitics.com Charity Bowling Event Was A Blast!

  Thanks again to everyone that supported the CalgaryPolitics.com Charity Bowling Event that we hosted last night! The event was completely sold out and we had over 150 people in attendance, including over 20 candidates in the upcoming Calgary Municipal Election!  

  Everyone seemed to have a great time and we raised $2800 for Brown Bagging For Calgary's Kids Society , which is pretty amazing!  This amount will supply nearly 2800 lunches for needy school kids in the Calgary area!

Some of the candidates in attendance were:

Richard Dur              Ernest McCrutcheon ( 2 Lanes)     Shane Keating ( 2 Lanes)  Jane Morgan

Al Bowne     Sean Chu         Ric Lockhart     Malik Amery    Kevin Taylor

Chris Harper       Roger Crowe      Gian-Carlo Carra       Shawn Kao ( the Get Kao Girls!)  

Zak Pashak        Andrew Rodych     Judi Vandenbrink    Josh Traptow    Rory Rotzoll

 Robert Guizzo

From the Mayoralty race, we had Craig Burrows and Paul Hughes in attendance.  Ric McIver had donated a lane sponsorship for the event, but was unable to attend.

 We also had some support from the business community, with Carma Developers, BiFrost Development, Canada Brokerlink Inc. and Principia Communications sponsoring the charity event!

And finally a big thanks to the media personalities that supported us, including CTV Calgary, Global Calgary, Metro Calgary ( Darren Krause) AMP Radio ( Buzz and Blake) FFWD Magazine ( Trevor Scott Howell)  Calgary Herald ( Jason Markusoff, Colette Derworiz and Kelly Doody!) and QR77's Mike Blanchard!

Here are some shots from the event...

Our very own... DJ Kelly ( with Darren Krause )
 And The Enlightened Savage himself....

Ward 1 Alderman candidate Chris Harper

    Ward 14 candidate Richard Dur with Ward 12  candidate, Al Browne

Ward 13 Candidate Andrew Rodych...


The Ward 14, Get Kao Girls! 

Ric Lockhart ( Ward 1)

  Ward 12 hopeful, Shane Keating!

Ward 11 Ernest McCutcheon
          Brown Bagging It Executive Director, Bob McInnis with yours truly!

 We had an anonymous donor make a really large donation to the event, on the condition that we would display this wicked sign.  ( No, it was not from DJ's family!)  Thanks again for your huge donation and for DJ Kelly for going along with the sign! 

             And some of the CalgaryPolitics.com Chaps! ( DJ, Joey O, Kirk and Jeremy Z and myself) 

What a blast!  I hope we can definitely do this type of event again!


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  1. Had a great time! Great to get out and meet other candidates! Good thing many of us will make better Aldermen than bowlers ;)

  2. Shane,

    You did an outstanding job organizing and hosting this most worthwhile event; congratulations to you.

    Roger Crowe

  3. You guys did a fantastic job organizing this! I had a blast!!

    Thanks again!

    Josh Traptow