Friday, January 23, 2009

Academic Alderman

The City of Calgary Aldermen released their budget spending this week without much fanfare. I guess they were all pleased that they "came under budget" this year! I laughed when I saw that Alderman Linda Fox-Mellway's spending came in at $138,000, the highest total among her colleague's.

Putting her totals over the top was a $15,000 ( YIKES) expense for a Management course at the University of Calgary. "That was pricey, but those are the kinds of things we should be doing. There's lots of senior managers and executives in that program, and it's important to stay current and find out what additional questions we should be asking at council." Linda Fox-Mellway

I find it difficult to understand how this council expects the city taxpayers to pay for this type of course? $15,000 for this Management course will go a long way in padding her resume and will no doubt prepare her for her next job in the private sector.

Perhaps the voters in her ward will consider electing a stronger candidate in the next election, perhaps one that will know "the right questions" to be asking at council. Unbelievable!

I recall that in 2006/07, Alderman Craig Burrows ended up in some hot water over a $12,000 UofC management course that he added to the city books. I see know that council has changed the way they "approve" the spending for these courses following Mr.Burrows PR disaster.

Seeing how unsuccessful Mr. Burrows was in getting re-elected in the last election, I would hope that Alderman Fox-Mellway takes heed and starts working on her resume right away. 2010 cannot come soon enough!

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