Monday, January 26, 2009

Toronto Jack... It is a Matter of Confidence!

I could not help but laugh at our NDP friend Jack Layton all week! After getting a little too excited over the possibility of finally receiving a "coalition" cabinet post and having a real say over the affairs of the country, he is now reduced to his usual post of Mr. Irrelevant. With speculation that the "coalition" is all but dead following the vaulting of Ignatieff as Liberal Leader, poor Jack is left grabbing at straws and trying to get some attention for himself in the media.
Last week, Mr.Layton claimed that the NDP will not support the Conservative budget this week, without even having seen the contents. He went on to say that " I Don't have confidence in Mr. Harper on these matters" and that Mr. Harper cannot be trusted. Hmmm...
For a leader of a dead party, that was used and has now been abandoned by the Liberals, it looks like old Jack is on his own. Perhaps he will consider reaching out to the Bloc to form another Coalition...( Socialist/Separatists... The NEW DemoBloc Parti?)
For a leader of a party that only obtained 18% of the Popular vote in the last election, and is currently sitting at 14% in the most recent poll data released this week, Mr.Layton seems to have an inflated sense of importance.
You are right Jack, it is a matter of Confidence and Trust... its too bad that you fail to accept that the people of Canada do not have ANY of the above in your leadership or party. If they did, you would actually matter in Ottawa.


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  2. Point Taken... however, the "legality" of that recording can be questioned... ;)

  3. Calling Social Democrats is the same as calling Conservatives Fascists. There is a difference, wouldn't you say?