Thursday, January 29, 2009

Alderman Pincott...Time to Wake Up!

Well, it must be another slow day ( or 14 months) for Ald. Brian Pincott at City Hall.

With all of the pressing issues facing the city of Calgary, I cant help but shake my head at some of the nonsensical ideas coming from Ward 11 Calgary Alderman, Brian Pincott. Yesterday, he supported an idea to revisit the idea of an anti-idling bylaw. A similar idea was floated in Edmonton last month, but has been put on the back burner for one year.

Some of Mr. Pincott's other genius priorities include:

  • Banning Take Out/Drive-Thru windows in the city of Calgary.
  • Banning back yard fire pits.
  • Paint The Pavement... and idea to help "calm" traffic on city streets.
  • Making snow removal on city bike baths a priority. ( When most citizens can't get out of their residential side streets in their vehicles!)
  • Don't get me started about his lawn pesticide stance or his support over the ban of plastic grocery bags.

Since being elected as Ward 11 Alderman in 2007 ( and only after the popular incumbent, Barry Erskine pulled out just before the election.) I can't remember a week going by without seeing some proposal of sound bite from this gent. Having lived in Ward 11 for nearly 30 years ( I just moved out in Dec.2007.) I cannot believe that his Socialist/NDP ( of which he was a candidate in two federal elections!) views will "jive" with the residents of (a typically conservative) Ward 11 in the next election.

In an interview with the Calgary Sun in 2007, he is quoted as saying... "City hall is viewed by some as a bastion they have to storm. Some say: 'I hate city hall but as long as they're not bugging me I'll keep doing my thing."

Well, your constant proposals for interference in peoples lives is BUGGING me....I think its time to wake up and take your own advice!


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