Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bronconnier's spin on the Cecil Hotel...

"Calgary's mayor says crime around the Cecil Hotel is down by 85 per cent since the city ordered the tavern to close its doors.Dave Bronconnier says beyond a shadow of a doubt, the closure of the notorious watering hole has increased safety in downtown Calgary.The city revoked the tavern's business licence last month." (

Wow Bronco, what a statistic.... you close the Cecil Hotel and crime is down "85%" over 1 year ago. Interesting spin... I guess that all of the drug dealers and criminals have 'seen the error in their ways" and decided to clean up their acts now that their favorite trading post is closed. I guess they all decided to get clean once and for all and move to the suburbs to start a new life! Using this statistic is complete nonsense, without acknowledging/disclosing if crime rates have dropped on other city blocks in the area.

The mayor also stated that he admits criminals who used to use the Cecil as a home base are setting up shop elsewhere, but police are on to them. "They're trying to move around the city and our police officers are doing a very good job and staying on top of that. The officers are there, moving with them."

Really? If the CPS could not control the crime activity at the Cecil how are they supposed to monitor their activities now that they have spread out over downtown? I think this area could have been cleaned up long ago, but due to the close proximity of the Cecil to the "Cuff and Billy" police pub/clubhouse, I think that Happy Hour may have taken precedence over public safety. Obviously these criminals do not fear the Calgary Police, or they would not have continued to carry on with their drug trade right under the CPS members noses. ( I know I hit the brakes if I am speeding next to a police officer on Deerfoot!) Once again, our fine mayor is tweaking the facts to get a good soundbite for the 6pm news.
I'm not buying it...

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