Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The REAL reason Ignatieff is supporting the budget. ( And why Liberal's know all about deficits!)

Have no fear fellow Canadians! Even though Mr.Ignatieff has confirmed he will "swallow hard" and support the Conservative Party budget, he has threatened that he will be watching closely and has put Mr. Harper on "probation". He advised that he will require regular reports to Parliament on the budget's implementation and its cost — one in March, one in June and one in December.
Well great! We will not have to worry about an election until at least June....why June??
Our good friend Iggy has a new book coming out April 28, 2009.
God forbid a spring election get in the way of his book tour and promotional appearances.
However, he may choose to sell one to every member of the Liberal Party, as a fundraising measure. Perhaps he will even funnel some funds to help pay for his predecessor's debt. ( And take a look at the "debt" link and you will see that the Liberals know all about running deficits!)

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