Friday, March 6, 2009

Calgary's "Top Dog Catcher" is getting on my nerves!

Hardly a week goes by in Calgary without some random interview ( CFCN loves this guy) with Calgary's top Dog Catcher ( aka Director of Animal & Bylaw Services) "Bylaw Bill" Bruce. This chap is on the news more than the Prime Minister, spouting off his wonderful ideas about snow removal, graffiti, dog and CAT licenses, parking issues etc. etc. etc.

This week, he proposed a $350 fine for repeat offenders that fail to clear the snow from their sidewalks. City hall reduced the fine to $250 , which probably irked our fine Dog Catcher. This finally got me thinking....

  • Why in the world does this guy have so much media presence?
  • Why does a city employee have so much direction in setting public policy?
  • When is our mayor going to show some leadership and come up with some policies on his own? ( Instead of usuing Bylaw Man to eat up the 6pm news?)

Whats next? Will "Bylaw Billy" start reviewing the property tax rates and make recommendations to Bronco on how to reduce them?

If the Dog Catcher and Sidewalk Snowman wants to set public policy and get his ideas passed, he should run for office. The City cannot even keep up with its own snow removal, and fails to respond to its citizens complaints over it. ( Remember this? ) I am at a loss as to how a City employee has become the spokesperson for Mayor Bronconnier and the rest of council.

I still have not seen any " My Dog Loves Bylaw Billy" T-Shirts at the off-leash park I use, so I think that Bylaw Bill's popularity is all in his head. Remember, your job is to supervise the By-law officers, not make the laws. Put down the mike and get back to your desk.....

( I guess I better go shovel my walk in case he reads this....)


  1. Bylaw Billy. That's awesome. Like Balzac Billy, if Bylaw Billy sees his shadow, do we get six more weeks of Nanny State bullshit from this guy? Next thing you know, he'll suggest that Joe Ceci hasn't gone far enough, and propose banning bottled water throughout the entire city.

  2. Bylaw Billy, huh? I love it! Is he like Balzac Billy, only if Bylaw Billy sees his shadow, we get six more weeks of Nanny State bullshit? Between this guy, Joe Ceci wanting to ban bottled water, Druh Farrel and her bridges, John Mar's inability to comprehend that he was elected because people in Ward 8 were TIRED of a socialist alderman, Joe Connelly's contempt for those who question his right to a large raise, and Bronco's contempt for absolutely everyone, I keep thinking I'm living in Toronto or Vancouver. At least for today, dude, you made it funny.

  3. ..another good example of the incursion of creepy "fascism with a smile". The loud and powerful minority who, little by little, tell us how to run our lives "for the benefit of society".

    If it is happening in "red neck" Alberta, is there hope for anyone, anywhere?

  4. The Shitty of Calgary always looking to "refine and improve" things ... it's enough to make you want to puke.