Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twitter Time! Not just an Alberta MLA Issue

I got caught laughing this morning at the news that 6 MLA's had their hands "slapped" by Speaker Ken Kowalski for using their Blackberry's/Iphones during question period recently! I know the Liberal opposition is not that great, but are they really that bored? I think it has more to do with my generation. Having used a Blackberry for over two years, the urge to use them at the wrong time is often overwhelming ( or addicting?) , so I can appreciate where they are coming from. ( Plus, If I had to sit through a 40+ minute debate about weather or not to use a Mushroom logo on the provincial license plate, I would probably lose patience and look to the blackberry for sanity also.)

While the younger MLA's are trying to reach out to their generation on "mypcmla", I think that they can avoid using them during question period.

Take a look at the video above and you will see that this is not just an Alberta issue....pretty funny stuff. If President Obama cant keep your attention, nothing can!

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