Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not one red cent for the Canadian Arab Foundation...Good call Jason Kenney

In a story that has been building for weeks, the Canadian Arab Foundation continues to attack Immigration Minister Jason Kenney over his support for Israel. The CAF president, Khaled Mouammar has stooped as low as calling Mr. Kenney a "professional whore". In response, the Immigration department has done the right thing by removing the CAF's public funding. ( Talk about "biting" the hand that feeds you!)

I support Mr. Kenney's stance on this matter as I cannot agree with tax payer dollars being allocated to groups that promote hate. I would rather see public money being spent to foster awareness and acceptance of minority groups.

A spokesman for Mr.Kenney's office, Alykhan Velji, stated yesterday that " Groups that promote hatred and anti-Semitism don't deserve a single red cent of taxpayer support. End of Story."

End of Story indeed.

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  1. you're very ignorant. please educate youself or just SHUT IT.